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Access icon Contrasting Representations of West African Muslim Women on Social Media, in Film and in LiteratureBannani, Abrar2022Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon Counterbalancing Single Stories on Migration: The Subversion of Stereotypical Representations in Chika Unigwe’s Better Never Than LateMathieu, Augustin2022Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon Media Coverage of the Women's March: A Comparative Study of Metaphors in News Websites and Online Women's MagazinesHouyon, Amélie2020Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon Metacognition and the improvement of writing skills in secondary school foreign language classesGraindorge, Sarah2020Simons, Germain ULiège; Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon Metaphors and Imagery in American Rap Music. Lyrical Representations of African American Social Struggles, Violence and MisogynyDupont, Joaquim2019Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon Reading Aloud in Foreign Language TeachingBeckers, Camille2020Simons, Germain ULiège; Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon The language of the twenty-first century: Hashtags and emojis on InstagramVan Den Driessche, Juliette2020Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon The Representation of Greta Thunberg in the British Press : A Critical Stylistics AnalysisMoulan, Elisa2021Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon The text genres of the recipe and the menu in the teaching of EnglishHendricé, Estelle2020Simons, Germain ULiège; Tunca, Daria ULiège
Access icon Women's social marginalization and subordination reproduced in public educational discourse: A critical analysis of gender representations in French EFL textbooksNusbaumer, Nina2021Rasier, Laurent ULiège; Tunca, Daria ULiège