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Access icon Comparison of Seakeeping performance of the two super yachts of 53 and 46 m in lengthSaleem, Muhammad Asim2015Boote, Dario
Access icon Computation of the Stern Flow of a Full-Form Tanker at Both Model and Full ScaleSanto, Francesco2013Kornev, Nikolay; Leonard, Steve
Access icon Concept Design of a Station Keeping Vessel Dedicated to Maintenance of the Far Shore Wind FarmWu, Yue2015Sekulski, Zbigniew; Seguin, Vincent
Access icon Deep sea mining – what makes it different to offshore oil and gas applications?Htike Aung, Hein2015Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Design of a Common Modular - SWAS(S)H for Offshore and Harbour Support VesselsAkula, Nidarshan2016Sekulski, Zbigniew; Hage, André ULiège
Access icon Design of a controlled side launching system for tugboatsCardona Diaz, Juan Sebastian2017Teodor, Renardo Florin
Access icon Design of a hoistable helicopter platform for 60m yachtPapp, Zsolt Laszlo2012Boote, Dario
Access icon Development of a parametric model for analysing temperature effects of solar radiation on yachtsKumar, Vivek2014Boote, Dario
Access icon Development of a practical tool to determine the hull damping of modern ship hull formsSaad, Bilel2014Kornev, Nikolai; Winkler, Stefan
Access icon Development of guidelines allowing to predict the contribution of the superstructure to the hull girder strengthAhmed, Farhad2017Taczala, Maciej; Nzengu, Wa Nzengu
Access icon Development of Performance Indicators and Methods for a Comparison of Various Transport Modes (Road, Rail, Sea)Kana, Margus2012Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Development of simplified formulas to determine wave induced loads on inland vessels operated in stretches of water within the range of navigation IN(0.6 ≤ x ≤ 2)Matheus Torres, Gian Carlo2017Taczala, Maciej; Nzengu, Wa Nzengu
Access icon DevelopmentofanAutomaticLoadMoment ControlSystemforaFloatingDockMelo Sanchez, Manuel2013Bronsart, Robert; Winkler, Stefan
Access icon Discrete Event Simulation Helps to Improve Terminal Productivity for New Design Container ShipsSuzen, Rasih2015Dawidowicz, Ludmila; Caprace, Jean-David
Access icon Dynamic behaviour of floor systems in accommodation areasOzcan, Mustafa Görkem2015Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Effect of Seawater on Ageing of Polyester Composites and Study of Aged Composite PolymerKucuk, Kerem2017Le Galle La Salle, Eric; Guillanton, Isabelle
Access icon Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) Impact on Superyacht DesignAlwan, Sabah2013Boote, Dario; Ferrando, Marco
Access icon Fatigue Analysis of Offshore Drilling UnitKarim, Md Rezaul2015Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Fatigue Analysis of Semi-submersibleYeoh, Gim Kok2017Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Fatigue and fracture assessment of butt weldsMoraitis, Georgios2014Taczala, Maciej; Von Selle, Hubertus