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Access icon Study of the eco-morphological diversification of the family Iphimediidae (Crustacea, Amphipoda) on the Antarctic continental shelfMartinez Soares, Pablo2021Verheye, Marie ULiège
Access icon Study of the effects of an elicitor (Acibenzolar-S-Methyl) on melon resistance to two viruses (CYSDV and CMV) and on the behavior of their respective vectors (Bemisia tabaci and Aphis gossypii)Grandmont, Marie-Eve2018Verheggen, François ULiège; Mauck, Kerry
Access icon Study of the hydrodynamic flow around a 70m sailing boat for powering, wave pattern and propeller efficiency predictionBaudson, Romain2013Boote, Dario
Access icon Study of the impact of climate change on a winter wheat crop (Triticum aestivum L.) by Ecotron simulationAntoine, Maurine2019Leemans, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Study of the implementation of low emission zones : case study in LiègeBackès, Ann2016Limbourg, Sabine ULiège
Access icon Study of the interaction between major compounds of the essential oils of Java citronella and cinnamon and the plasma plant membraneFoncoux, Bérénice2019Lins, Laurence ULiège
Access icon Study of the modeling of rice cultivation under different irrigation systems and planning in the district of UsoCoello and analysis of the model applied to the region of Tolima in ColombiaChavet, Maxime2022Wellens, Joost ULiège
Access icon Study of the needs of individual investors regarding the visualization of their financial assets.Schöpges, Charlotte2021Paeschen, Julien ULiège
Access icon Study of the non linear behaviour of concrete structuresDumoulin, Kevin2016De Ville De Goyet, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Study of the partitioning of the water vapour flux exchanged by ecosystems between transpiration and evaporationCravatte, Clara2021Heinesch, Bernard ULiège; Rothfuss, Youri ULiège
Access icon Study of the physicochemical and functional properties of vegetable proteins used in the formulation of a UHT industrial productChaussée, Clémentine2018Blecker, Christophe ULiège
Access icon Study of the phytotoxicity caused by cinnamon essential oil tree-injection in apple trees as a bio-insecticideBouvry, Jean2021Fauconnier, Marie-Laure ULiège
Access icon Study of the seakeeping non-linearities through the weak-scatterer approximation of the potential flow theorySudhanshu2021Gentaz, Lionel
Access icon Study of the synthesis process of 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose developped at Trasis (18F FDG Quad)Zandona, Yannick2021Eppe, Gauthier ULiège; Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Study of the temporal distribution of X-ray flares from the supermassive black hole Sgr A*Finociety, Benjamin2019Mossoux, Enmanuelle ULiège
Access icon Study of the vaccinal protection level against Feline Calicivirus, Feline Panleukopeniavirus, Felid Herpesvirus 1 in a vaccinated cat population from Osaka, Japan during January to March 2019 periodFries, Allyson2020Thiry, Etienne ULiège
Access icon Study of the valorization of pretreated hemp inflorescence or shive for the production of fungal enzyme by solid-state fermentationWauters, Nicolas2017Jacques, Philippe ULiège; Richel, Aurore ULiège
Access icon Study of viral diversity in Poaceae-based communities with contrasted plant richnessDebue, Virginie2019Massart, Sébastien ULiège
Access icon Style analytics: news impact on style investingLaforêt, Rémy2019Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Subrogation, cession de créance et action en réparation collectiveHenrard, Amandine2017Boularbah, Hakim ULiège