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Access icon The effect of the 2008 financial crisis on Morroccan stock market using modelsBenmoussa, Mohamed Yazid2018Artige, Lionel ULiège
Access icon The effect of the Brexit referendum on the financial integration of the EU and the UKPiron, Thibault2018Hübner, Georges ULiège
Access icon The effectiveness of environmental taxes on CO2 emissions: an empirical analysis of European countries.Schmits, Camille2022Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon The effectiveness of online and offline touchpoints for campaigns (in relation to the ROI)Otto, Bernard2019Ghilissen, Michael ULiège
Access icon The effects of selection on the neuroanatomy of different canine breedsBousmar, Joanne2022Peeters, Dominique ULiège
Access icon The effects of social context in online video games on prosocial behaviourBolle, William2019Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon The efficiency of natural corridors in the city of Cochabamba, BoliviaLeborgne, Bryan2022Hambuckers, Alain ULiège; Cahill Mangudo, Jennifer
Access icon The elaboration of a digital marketing stategy for the pre-lauch and the lauch of an innovative contraceptive pill in the United States of AmericaEmonts, Delphine2020Delcourt, Cécile ULiège
Access icon The elaboration of a marketing strategy for the development of the Industry sector at SchréderThéate, Maxime2020Crutzen, Nathalie ULiège
Access icon The emergence of derivative contracts cryptocurrencies : a growth driver for banks ?Vanhentenryck, Martin2018Muller, Aline ULiège
Access icon The emerging global market of impact investment funds: a critical overview and a proposed empirical analysisLarotonda, Stefano2016Xhauflair, Virginie ULiège
Access icon The end of an outsourcing contract : what's next ? Evaluation of four solutions in the practical case of SCADodemont, Maurine2017Limbourg, Sabine ULiège
Access icon The environmental efficiency of green bonds: obstacles and perspectivesZielke, Marie2021Mertens de Wilmars, Sybille ULiège
Access icon The European Green Deal - a chance to foster the further integration of renewable energies into the European energy system ?Hirschmann, Clara2020Hauglustaine, Jean-Marie ULiège; Scholzen, Frank
Access icon The explicit teaching of reading comprehension strategies in foreign language secondary-school classesCutaia, Claire2021Simons, Germain ULiège; Ledent, Bénédicte ULiège
Access icon The factors that influence customer's purchase intention in a Chinese online C2C platform : TaobaoZheng, Haoting2020Dessart, Laurence ULiège
Access icon "The fear of Alzheimer disease scale" (FADS) : adaptation française d'une échelle de crainte de la maladie d'AlzheimerLais, Rachel2015Meulemans, Thierry ULiège
Access icon The feasibility to use O2O approach for Fresh food cross-distribution between China and Europe. Study focused on Alibaba's Cainiao and its business in China and Europe.Huang, Jiexin2021Pironet, Thierry ULiège
Access icon The Female Gothic in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey and Charlotte Dacre's ZofloyaCastelli, Romane2022Delville, Michel ULiège
Access icon The financial leverage in the pricing of eurozone stocks. A study of a leverage augmented fama & french three-factor modelLarose, Thomas2022Santi, Caterina ULiège