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Access icon Aerodynamic optimization of an aileron of a racing carMartínez Cacho, Alicia2020Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Development of a test bench for assessing cyclists' aerodynamics in dynamic conditionsFoguenne, Léonore2023Schwartz, Cédric ULiège; Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Development of a wind tunnel test bench for the characterisation of the aerodynamic performances of a micro-droneDominique, Joachim2016Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Development of an experimental platform dedicated to wind turbine default detectionDawans, Martin2016Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Experimental and numerical characterisation of the flutter speed of wingsDe Oro Fernandez, Elena2019Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Improvement of the aerodynamic behaviour of a blended wing body unmanned aerial vehicle: numerical and experimental investigationsMasereel, Martin2016Andrianne, Thomas ULiège; Terrapon, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Master thesis and internship[BR]- Master's thesis : Empirical estimation of the rocket drag[BR]- Integration InternshipBastin, Thomas2022Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Modelling of the response of a slender structure to vortex shedding in the atmospheric boundary layerWertz, Freddy2015De Ville De Goyet, Vincent ULiège; Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Numerical and experimental investigation of the flutter behaviour of cantilevered flat plate wingsGarrido Velasco, Alvaro2021Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège; Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Numerical and Experimental Unsteady Flow Analysis on Interflap SealsSanchez Santillana, Cristian2020Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Numerical simulations of the flow around tandem circular cylinders in the subcritical and postcritical regimesMartin, Loïc2021Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Optimization of a Wind Tunnel Settling Chamber: Experimental and Computational AnalysisFlores Urzua, Katherine Irene2016Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Unsteady pressure measurement around aerodynamic bodies: Development of a calibration apparatus and wind tunnel testingRigo, François2017Andrianne, Thomas ULiège; Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège