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Access icon Analytical comparison and simulations of two DC/DC converters, practical realisation of the optimal topologyBaweja, Nirmeet Kaur2018Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Design and implementation of an MPPT technique based on synchronous demodulationKeutgen, Pierre2019Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Design, simulation and experimental validation of a multiport electrical converter for Standalone Building-Integrated Photovoltaic systemsHernandez Sierra, Víctor2019Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Development of a three-phase BLDC motor control based on a 32 bits ARM processorMalay, Thibault2022Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Digital twin of a power converter: using hardware-in-the-loop for the design and evaluation of digital control algorithms.Ewbank, Bastien2022Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : State of the art, design and development of a digital leakage current sensor with high sensitivity and fast responseColback, Aurélien2022Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Analysis, simulations and prototyping of a 1 kW wide bandgap semiconductor based DC/DC converterMullenders, Cédric2020Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Permanent autonomous power supply for monitoring sensors of overhead linesDubois, Héloïse2018Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Real-time control design using Hardware-In-the-Loop for power management applicationsStassain, Laurent2023Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Study the feasibility of switching from triode oscillator to semiconductor devices oscillator for the DynamitronMauhin, Xavier2018Frebel, Fabrice ULiège