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Access icon Analytical and Numerical Buckling analysis for Cruise Vessel specific StructuresGarcia Humia, Alejandro2019Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Assessment of Lifting Criteria for Crane on a Heavy Lift Ship ‘load check and fatigue life calculation’Sood, Udit2017Kaeding, Patrick; Lindemann, Thomas; Rathje, Helge
Access icon Bending Vibration Analysis of Pipes and Shafts Arranged in Fluid Filled Tubular Spaces Using FEMEdessa, Desta Milkessa2012Kaeding, Patrick; Bronsart, Robert; Holtmann, Michael
Access icon Cargo securing requirements and environmental conditionsKhan, Muhammad Asad2020Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Dynamic behaviour of floor systems in accommodation areasOzcan, Mustafa Görkem2015Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Fatigue and Fracture Assessment of Butt Welded Joints and Thermal Cut Edges under Axial and Bending LoadsDuarte Benther, Jorge2016Kaeding, Patrick; Von Selle, Hubertus
Access icon Global Response Analysis of the Jack-up Platform OdinTran, Viet Hai2014Kaeding, Patrick; Wenzel, Sebastian
Access icon Hull girder failure of a container ship and of a bulk carrier under combined global and local loadsStykuc, Patryk2013Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Hull Girder Ultimate Strength of a Ship Using Nonlinear FE MethodKalyanasundaram, Hemanand2017Kaeding, Patrick; Lindemann, Thomas; Darie, Ionel
Access icon Measurement method for dynamic shaft bearing loads resulting from axial vibrations in a propulsion shaft system of a megayachtKavas, Süleyman2014Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Numerical optimization analysis of cruise vesselsLungu, Daniela-Laura2020Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Redundancy analysis during progressive buckling collapseKanadan, Midhun2020Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Structural Design and Optimization of an Ice Breaking Platform Supply VesselWang, Juncheng2013Kaeding, Patrick; Bohm, Michael; Zimmermann, Michael
Access icon Torsional hull girder response of containerships – feasible with Cargo Hold models?Nguyen, Ngoc Do2012Bronsart, Robert; Kaeding, Patrick; Rorup, Jorg, et al
Access icon Virtual Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) applied to naval NHV modelsAndrade Paiva, André Antonio2020Kaeding, Patrick