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Access icon Aérojoules project: Vertical Axis Wind TurbineBottero, Cristian Jose2012Taczala, Maciej; Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Application of super-element theory to crash-worthiness evaluation within the scope of the A.D.N. RegulationsUzögüten, Hasan Özgür2016Taczala, Maciej; Nzengu, Wa
Access icon Concept of Operation: Unmanned Maintenance DredgingPereira Perdigao, Gabriel2018Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Development of guidelines allowing to predict the contribution of the superstructure to the hull girder strengthAhmed, Farhad2017Taczala, Maciej; Nzengu, Wa Nzengu
Access icon Development of simplified formulas to determine wave induced loads on inland vessels operated in stretches of water within the range of navigation IN(0.6 ≤ x ≤ 2)Matheus Torres, Gian Carlo2017Taczala, Maciej; Nzengu, Wa Nzengu
Access icon Fatigue Analysis of a Tension Leg Platform: Fatigue Life ImprovementHita Espejo, Adrian2016Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Fatigue Analysis of Offshore Drilling UnitKarim, Md Rezaul2015Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Fatigue Analysis of Semi-submersibleYeoh, Gim Kok2017Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Fatigue and fracture assessment of butt weldsMoraitis, Georgios2014Taczala, Maciej; Von Selle, Hubertus
Access icon Fatigue Strength Assessment for Bulk Carrier According to Common Structural RulesMadi, Akram2012Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Fatigue strength Comparative study of knuckle joints in LNG carrier by different approaches of classification society’s rulesNaik, Sacheendra2017Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Global Response Analysis for Semisubmersible Offshore PlatformSingh, Niraj Kumar2014Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Global Response Analysis of Wind Turbine Installation Vessels in Semi-submerged Condition. A Modified Quasi-Static ApproachAcevedo Ortega, Ramon2016Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Investigation of the Hull-Superstructure Interaction in order to Predict the Contribution of Superstructures to Hull Girder StrengthZou, Jiawei2013Nzengu Nzengu, Wa; Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Ship Resistance Computations using OpenFOAMShahzad, Muhammad Tufail2017Taczala, Maciej; Beji, Serdar
Access icon Structural and Fatigue Analysis of a Type C tank Vessel Hull at Class Renewal Number IVCheriyan, Kailas2018Taczala, Maciej; Nzengu, Wa Nzengu
Access icon Structural Design of Transverse Bulkhead of a Handymax Bulk Carrier Built in Steel Sandwich PanelsMarkulin, Martin2012Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Structural response of the ship hull elements subject to excitation generated by the main engineSmolko, Andrey2013Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Wind Turbine Tower Structure Analysis According to Wind Load in Terms of CostSahin, Selçuk2016Taczala, Maciej; Paik, Jeom Kee