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Access icon A Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Marine Scrubber TechnologiesShu, Shih-Tung2013Bronsart, Robert
Access icon A life cycle cost analysis of using alternative technologies on short sea shipping vessels in ECAsHsu, Pao-Chi2014Bronsart, Robert
Access icon A Procedure for the Dynamic Positioning Estimation in Initial Ship-DesignHasan, Syed Marzan Ul2018Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Analysis of the Installation of a Series of Piles for Offshore Wind Turbine FoundationsBaert, Benjamin2014Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Automated Manufacture of a Shape-Adaptive Large HydrofoilSotelo Zorrilla, Marco Salvador2019Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Automated Modelling of Ship Structures in Early Ship Design PhasePerumana Thomas, Hans2019Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Bending Vibration Analysis of Pipes and Shafts Arranged in Fluid Filled Tubular Spaces Using FEMEdessa, Desta Milkessa2012Kaeding, Patrick; Bronsart, Robert; Holtmann, Michael
Access icon Deep sea mining – what makes it different to offshore oil and gas applications?Htike Aung, Hein2015Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Design a low wash patrol boat for inland navigationJasic, Radomir2017Hage, André ULiège; Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Development of intact stability weather criterion applicable to river-sea vesselsMarutheri Parambath, Jaizel Ibrahim2019Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Development of Performance Indicators and Methods for a Comparison of Various Transport Modes (Road, Rail, Sea)Kana, Margus2012Bronsart, Robert
Access icon DevelopmentofanAutomaticLoadMoment ControlSystemforaFloatingDockMelo Sanchez, Manuel2013Bronsart, Robert; Winkler, Stefan
Access icon Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Heavy Lift Vessel during Offshore Installation OperationsWang, Bin2015Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Improvement of Rubble Ice Generation in Numerical Simulation of Ice Ridge and Structure InteractionVitarelli Neto, Adylio2017Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Mesh Validation and Resistance Prediction of the JBC Bulker Design using CFD MethodXu, Cheng2016Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Method for Prediction of Sea Ice Thickness Based on the Blowing Air Temperature and SpeedNkoko Nossa, Anneck2015Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Micro Gas Turbines on Mega Yachts - A Feasibility StudyBenet Perez, Alvaro2016Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Modular design of cross flow channel through structural optimizationSagaya Punithasegaran, Arrshan2019Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Numerical Simulation of Brash IceRupasingha Arachchige, Malith Prasanna2018Bronsart, Robert; Hisette, Quentin
Access icon Optimization of ship hull form for moderate sea stateThi Ha, Soe2015Bronsart, Robert