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Access icon Aérojoules project: Vertical Axis Wind TurbineBottero, Cristian Jose2012Taczala, Maciej; Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Analytical formulations for ship-offshore wind turbine collisionsHsieh, Jing-Ru2015Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Collision Study of Rigid Ships with a Deformable Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket StructureBarrera Arenas, Andres2014Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Design and Optimization of Composite Base Frames and Shaft of Wind Turbine for CatamaranMerdivenci, Mehmet Sitki2017Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Finite Element Analysis of Offshore Jacket Structure Subjected to Deformable Vessel CollisionsMaliakel, Jose Babu2014Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Guideline development for offshore structure vibration analysisPishchanskyi, Andrii2015Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Implementation of The Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Method in Soft Body Projectile Impacts Against Composite PlatesMarquez Duque, Lucas2019Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Improvement and Validation of an Analytical Code for Ship Collisions Based on Super-Element MethodOzdogan, Bayram2018Le Sourne, Hervé; Paboeuf, Stéphane
Access icon Numerical Analysis of Immersed Steel & Composite Cylindrical Shell Structures Submitted to UNDEXMousum, Mohammad Mahabub Hasan2018Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Numerical and analytical simulation of ship groundingUmunnakwe, Chisom Bernard2020Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Numerical and analytical simulations of in-shore ship collisions within the scope of A.D.N. RegulationsYe Pyae Sone, Oo2017Le Sourne, Hervé; Paboeuf, Stéphane
Access icon Numerical and Analytical Simulations of Ship- Jacket CollisionsMartinus, Putra2016Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Numerical simulation of surface ship hull beam whipping response due to submitted to underwater explosionTsai, Ssu-Chieh2017Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Rules and methods for dimensioning embarked materials for surface ships when subjected to UNDEXGarcia Navarro, Mauricio2016Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Shock Analysis of Onboard Equipment Submitted to Underwater ExplosionTasdelen, Enes2018Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Simulation of Slamming on a Fiber Reinforced Composite Structure Using the ALE/Eulerian Numerical ApproachLadeira Napoleao de Souza, Icaro José2019Le Sourne, Hervé