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Access icon 8 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Installation With a Self-propelled Jack-up VesselGraf, Karel2016Graczyk, Tadeusz
Access icon A Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Marine Scrubber TechnologiesShu, Shih-Tung2013Bronsart, Robert
Access icon A life cycle cost analysis of using alternative technologies on short sea shipping vessels in ECAsHsu, Pao-Chi2014Bronsart, Robert
Access icon A Study of Basalt Fibres Composite on 23m Cruise Sailing YachtSri Lestari, Maharani2017Souppez, Jean-Baptiste
Access icon Aérojoules project: Vertical Axis Wind TurbineBottero, Cristian Jose2012Taczala, Maciej; Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Aérojoules project: Vertical Axis Wind TurbineO'Connor, Michael2014Largeau, Jean-François
Access icon Analyses of Foil Configurations of IMOCA Open 60s with Towing Tank Test ResultsAygor, Teksen2017Bortnowska, Monika; Souppez, Jean-Baptiste
Access icon Analysis and prediction of welding deformations of ship panels in prefabrication processSena Batista, Huggo2012Graczyk, Tadeusz
Access icon Analysis of added mass effect on surface ships subjected to underwater explosionsTrivedi, Ruturaj Radhakrishna2019Le SOURNE, Hervé
Access icon Analysis of Classification Societies’ Rules for Yacht Superstructure Scantlings – Application to a Light Alloy SuperstructureKramer, Michael2015Boote, Dario
Access icon Analysis of the Design & Construction Methodologies for Carbon Composite Motor Yacht SuperstructuresKitching, Nicholas Samuel2014Boote, Dario
Access icon Analysis of the Installation of a Series of Piles for Offshore Wind Turbine FoundationsBaert, Benjamin2014Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Analysis of ultimate capacity of the structural elements of single hull VLCC subject to corrosionDami, Rachid2012taczala, Maciej
Access icon Analytical and Numerical Buckling analysis for Cruise Vessel specific StructuresGarcia Humia, Alejandro2019Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Analytical formulations for ship-offshore wind turbine collisionsHsieh, Jing-Ru2015Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Application of super-element theory to crash-worthiness evaluation within the scope of the A.D.N. RegulationsUzögüten, Hasan Özgür2016Taczala, Maciej; Nzengu, Wa
Access icon Assessment of Dynamic Collapse of Container Ship Subjected to WhippingNwe Nwe, Soe2018Lindemann, Thomas; Darie, Ionel
Access icon Assessment of Lifting Criteria for Crane on a Heavy Lift Ship ‘load check and fatigue life calculation’Sood, Udit2017Kaeding, Patrick; Lindemann, Thomas; Rathje, Helge
Access icon Assessment of Roll Stabilization Systems for Heavy Lift ShipsMathew, Nikhil2016Kornev, Nikolai; Rathje, Helge
Access icon Assessment of the Conditions of Medium-size Shipbuilding Company to Build Offshore StructuresNguyen, Thua2016Graczyk, Tadeusz