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Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (GxABT)

CO2 Hydrogenation to formate by using heterogeneous catalyst

Khalifeh, Mohamad ULiège
Promotor(s) : Richel, Aurore ULiège ; moussa, Marwen
Date of defense : 23-Jun-2023 • Permalink :
Title : CO2 Hydrogenation to formate by using heterogeneous catalyst
Author : Khalifeh, Mohamad ULiège
Date of defense  : 23-Jun-2023
Advisor(s) : Richel, Aurore ULiège
moussa, Marwen 
Committee's member(s) : Richel, Aurore ULiège
moussa, Marwen 
Rammal, Fatima 
landaud, Sophie 
Language : English
Number of pages : 43
Keywords : [fr] Zeolite, hydrogenation, CO2, heterogeneous catalysts, formate
Discipline(s) : Physical, chemical, mathematical & earth Sciences > Chemistry
Funders : KU Leuven
Research unit : CSCE
Name of the research project : CSCE
Target public : Researchers
Institution(s) : Université de Liège, Liège, Belgique
Degree: Master : bioingénieur en chimie et bioindustries, à finalité
Faculty: Master thesis of the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (GxABT)


[en] This study focuses on the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) into fuels and chemicals as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating global warming. The research investigates the potential of CO2 hydrogenation as an effective process in this context. Specifically, the study explores the production of formate through a heterogeneously catalyzed pathway using water as the solvent and various types of zeolites with low Ru loadings. Among the tested zeolites, Ru/*BEA zeolite (B 12.5) with a Si/Al ratio of 12.5 and a surface area of 387.1 m2/g demonstrated the highest catalytic performance, resulting in the highest turnover number (TON) values compared to other zeolite types. The study also highlights the influence of multi-step cation exchange and the exclusion of cesium (Cs) in enhancing the catalytic activity of the Ru active phase. The findings demonstrate that employing a robust zeolite material as a support, utilizing the multi-step exchange process, and selecting an appropriate catalyst morphology and Si/Al ratio promote effective formation of formate through CO2 hydrogenation. This innovative approach offers new perspectives for heterogeneous catalysis and opens up possibilities for novel applications in the field.



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