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Access icon Analysis and performances of the Unified Space Data Link Protocol and the Space Data Link Security Protocol specified by CCSDS.Van Gelder, Dirk2021Leduc, Guy ULiège; De Quattro, Nicola
Access icon Application design in a multiple IPv6 provisioning domainsDi Bartolomeo, Michael2018Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Design and development of a distributed, secure and resilient vault management systemMathonet, Grégoire2017Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Design and development of a solution for the management, compliance and governance of company cloud accountsGanci, Nicolas2019Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Design and Implementation of a Flexible Measurement Tool Exploiting IPv6 FeaturesPaganessi, François2007Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Design of a secure IoT gateway configuration and data visualisation web applicationPaquay, Sébastien2018Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Designing a Community-Driven Decentralized Storage Network for IoT DataSchommers, Philippe2021Leduc, Guy ULiège; Tychon, Emmanuel
Access icon Development of a medication compliance system on mobile devicesServais, Fabrice2016Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Development of a Public Key Infrastructure and a messaging system for a mobile eHealth applicationCatusanu, Paul2016Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Implementing Video Broadcast Specific Functions into next-generation user-programmable ASICMassart, Maxime2018Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Load Testing and Optimization of a Medical Data ServiceSpits, Tanguy2023Leduc, Guy ULiège; Delarbre, François
Access icon Making applications aware of IPv6 multi-prefix networkingMertes, Philippe2019Leduc, Guy ULiège; Vyncke, Eric
Access icon Management and automation of a DevOps chainTahiraj, Arian2021Leduc, Guy ULiège; Wéry, David
Access icon Master thesis : Distributed Logging Transport for Unreliable and Lossy NetworksScheer, Egon2022Leduc, Guy ULiège; tychon, Emmanuel
Access icon Master Thesis : Distributed Resiliency for IoT Edge Compute NodesNicolaï, Pol2021Leduc, Guy ULiège; Tychon, Emmanuel
Access icon Master thesis : MQTT broker with in-line, real-time data visualiser for the Internet of Things (IoT)Detienne, Martin2022Leduc, Guy ULiège; Tychon, Emmanuel
Access icon Master's Thesis : Development of server side document processing and OCR servicesMaréchal, Grégory2020Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Services monitoring in a medical applicationMinne, Adrien2020Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Migration of an infrastructure to Amazon Web ServicesLeroy, Antoine2021Leduc, Guy ULiège; Wery, David
Access icon Multi-Prefix for IPv6Luga, Dean2017Leduc, Guy ULiège; Vyncke, Eric ULiège