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Access icon A geometallurgical study of the phosphates of the Dorowa carbonatite complex, Zimbabwe (Université de Liège)Dzimbanhete, Vimbainashe Lorraine2020Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Cross-validation of Automated Quantitative Mineralogical Analysis Results of Mixed Copper Ore and Developments in Methodologies Using Correlative Microscopy (Université de Liège)Mancenido, Chryselle Ultima2019Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Multi-sensor analysis of Aguas Teñidas, Magdalena, Sotiel and Majada deposits, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain: Analytical drill core-scanning for optimized exploration of ore, ULiègeSimoes Teixeira Mendes, Pedro2018Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Carbon Characterization at Goldcorp's Peñasquito Polymetallic Mine (Université de Liège)Villanueva Andrade, Jorge Eduardo2017Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Characterizing and element mapping of internal parts of a smartphone through automated and correlative microscopy, ULiègeReinders, Nathan2018Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Development of a method to separate Mg(OH)2 from gypsum precipitates generated during the lime treatment of metallurgical processing effluents (Lhoist) (Université de Liège)Le, Thi Minh Khanh2017Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Process mineralogy of the new polymetallic ores from Draa Sfar project extension (Morocco) (Université de Liège)Parent, Corinne2019Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Supervised classification of the Magdalena VMS deposit using Support Vector Machines. Drillcore scanning using SWIR hyperspectral imagery (Université de Liège)de Waard, Robbert2019Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Understanding the visible and invisible gold distribution in Certej (Romania) using Automated Mineralogy (Université de Liège)Hughes, Laura Coleman2017Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Validation of an online 3D scanner for bulk solids size analysis operating in harsh environment, ULiègeParmar, Arpit Singh2018Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Integrating the criticality of niobium in life cycle assessmentMas Fons, Aina2020Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Pretreatment processing and recycling-oriented characterization of micromobility spent lithium-ion batteries (Université de Liège)Veress, Ervin-Csaba2020Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Process-oriented Characterization of Platinum Group Metals from Spent Automotive Catalysts and Evaluating Future Urban Mines (Université de Liège)Hassan, Ali2020Pirard, Eric ULiège