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Access icon A geometallurgical study of the phosphates of the Dorowa carbonatite complex, Zimbabwe (Université de Liège)Dzimbanhete, Vimbainashe Lorraine2020Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Characterisation of sinter mineralogy through image analysis under reflected light optical microscope with focus on primary and secondary hematite distinction (Université de Liège)Dornelas De Assis, Barbara2021Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Characterizing and element mapping of internal parts of a smartphone through automated and correlative microscopyReinders, Nathan2018Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Conception de l'évaluation du coefficient d'aplatissement pour les gravillons analysés par triangulation laserLerusse, Sarah2022Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Cross-validation of Automated Quantitative Mineralogical Analysis Results of Mixed Copper Ore and Developments in Methodologies Using Correlative MicroscopyMancenido, Chryselle Ultima2019Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Development and Characterization of the Performance of Geometallurgical Test Work for Carbonaceous Ore at Peñasquito Poly-Metallic Mine, MéxicoVillanueva Andrade, Jorge Eduardo2017Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Development of a method to separate Mg(OH)2 from gypsum precipitates generated during the lime treatment of metallurgical processing effluents (Lhoist) (Université de Liège)Le, Thi Minh Khanh2017Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Development of a methodology for the characterisation of native graphite in a gold ore by an automated mineralogy systemLenoir, Laura2023Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Life cycle assessment of graphite recycling from spent lithium ion batteriesSaini, Shubham2021Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Geometallurgical Assessment of a Rutile Deposit In Akonoliga, Cameroon (Université de Liège)Asefa, Betelehem Solomon2022Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Integrating the criticality of niobium in life cycle assessmentMas Fons, Aina2020Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Multi-sensor analysis of Aguas Teñidas, Magdalena, Sotiel and Majada deposits, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain: Analytical drill core-scanning for optimized exploration of ore, ULiègeSimoes Teixeira Mendes, Pedro2018Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Pretreatment processing and recycling-oriented characterization of micromobility spent lithium-ion batteries (Université de Liège)Veress, Ervin-Csaba2020Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Process mineralogy of the new polymetallic ores from Draa Sfar project extension (Morocco)Parent, Corinne2019Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Process-oriented Characterization of Platinum Group Metals from Spent Automotive Catalysts and Evaluating Future Urban Mines (Université de Liège)Hassan, Ali2020Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Process-oriented ore-body characterization of the Ag-polymetallic Rupice Deposit, Bosnia and Herzegovina (ULiège)Vujevic, Ivan2023Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Selection and Validation of a Bio-Waste-Based Composite Material with Thermoplastic Properties for Automotive ApplicationsMaria Lopes, Francisco2022Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Supervised classification of the Magdalena VMS deposit using Support Vector Machines. Drillcore scanning using SWIR hyperspectral imageryde Waard, Robbert2019Pirard, Eric ULiège
Access icon Towards the circularity of outdoor lighting systemsBaietta, Carlotta2022Pirard, Eric ULiège