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Access icon Displacement Capacity of Short Coupling BeamsTrandafir, Alexandru2019Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Effect of axial restraint on the behaviour of coupling beams in coupled wall structuresPaesmans, Mathieu2019Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Effect of shrinkage on the ultimate behaviour of UHPFRC-strengthened reinforced concrete membersGrosjean, Julien2017Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Evaluation of the Load-Bearing Mechanisms in Coupling Beams and Shear Walls based on DIC MeasurementsLanger, Mathias2019Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Kinematic Modelling of the Shear Behaviour of Coupling Beams in Wall StructuresFranssen, Renaud2016Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Kinematics-Based Modelling of Compact FootingsSpada, Giorgia2019Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Kinematics-Based Modelling of Short Coupling Beams Retrofitted with FRP WrapsCarretero García, Claudia2019Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Finite Element Modelling of Different Strengthening Strategies for Reinforced Concrete Deep BeamsVass, Gergely2018Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Two-Parameter Kinematic Approach for the Shear Behavior of Deep Beams Made of Fiber-Reinforced ConcreteTvrznikova, Karolina2017Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Modelling of the shear behaviour of coupling beams with fibre reinforced concreteLobet, Rémy2017Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Modélisation numérique d'un pont en arc existant en béton armé incluant les effets de long termeBinet, Nicolas2017Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège; Gernay, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Punching shear of deep pile capsJeunehomme, Denis2015Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège
Access icon Ultimate Shear Behavior of Post-Tensioned Deep Transfer GirdersOzkan, Muhammed2018Mihaylov, Boyan ULiège; Uzel, Almila