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Access icon Adaptation to achilles tendon insertion in human calcaneus bone sampleGaillard, Valentine2023Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Analysis of different levels of constraint in a total knee arthroplasty: a finite element studyRapallo, Laurence2021Ruffoni, Davide ULiège; Innocenti, Bernardo
Access icon Biomechanical characterization of fibrolamellar bone using nano-scale modulus mappingMuraro, Pauline2021Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Design & Development of a Training Phantom for a Neurostimulation Cuff Electrode Implantation SurgeryThoumsin, Bertrand2018Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon In silico study of the influence of different microstructures on the mechanical properties of a bioceramics' bone graftBassleer, Pauline2021Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Influence of geometry gradients and disorder on the mechanical behaviour of bio-inspired suture interfacesOtero Lacaci, Ignacio2018Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Multi-material die pressing, an innovative approach to printing near net shape titanium alloy medical implants at reduced costClaes, Mathilde2022Mertens, Anne ULiège; Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Image-based mechanical analysis of tendon-to-bone attachmentVolders, Tim2020Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Mechanical properties of gyroid hydroxyapatite implants with controlled porosities fabricated by 3D printingAltaha, Mustafa2018Ruffoni, Davide ULiège; Nolens, Grégory
Access icon Microstructure and mechanical properties of the enameloid of pacu and piranha fishes: The role of different dietsMüller, Laura2021Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Nano-scale dynamic mechanical analysis of the interface between Achilles tendon and calcaneus bone in a rat modelBenmoussa, Chahineze2018Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Relationship between Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Proximal Tibia in Rats during AgingMaroquin, Juliette2023Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Structure et stabilisation des pièces squelettiques impliquées dans le traitement mécanique de la nourriture chez des crustacés marins et terrestresRobaye, Laura2019Compère, Philippe ULiège; Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Structure, composition et biomécanique des dents chez des piranhas (carnivores) et des pacus (phytophages) -Etude comparative de membres de la famille des Serrasalmidae.Delaunois, Yann2017Compère, Philippe ULiège; Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Study of the synthesis process of 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose developped at Trasis (18F FDG Quad)Zandona, Yannick2021Eppe, Gauthier ULiège; Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Toughness And Damage Tolerance Of Biologically Inspired Bi-Material Interfaces Investigated By 3D Printing And Testingde Brouwer, Antoine2018Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Towards Multi-Material Flash Powder SinteringChapinal Martínez, Carlos2016Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Travail de fin d'études et stage[BR]- Travail de fin d'études : Design d'un fil chargé pour impression 3D de type dépôt de fil fondu [BR]- Stage d'insertion professionnelleIovine, Gaëtano2022Mertens, Anne ULiège; Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Voxel 3D printing and bioinspired bimaterial attachmentGrossman, Quentin2019Ruffoni, Davide ULiège
Access icon Where tendons meet bones : structural and mechanical analysis of Achilles tendon insertion into calcaneusTits, Alexandra2018Ruffoni, Davide ULiège; Fernandez, Justin