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Access icon Comparing financial results across different countries within the PQ Group. What impact do the host countries have on the financial results of the individual organizations within the PQ Groupe and why ?Casseus, Jean2022Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon Growth national economics based on the diffusion of digital innovationShepel, Larysa2022Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon How does the development of transportation related to the BRI affects the CO2 emissions for countries that are not part of the initiativeLy, Marie2023Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon Is there an international β-convergence? A meta-regression analysisBahiani, Antoine2020Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon L'effet Coucke: impact sur l'économie, le tourisme et le marché hôtelier de Durbuy.Fery, Louise2022Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon La perception de l’environnement en BelgiqueClaes, Tom2020Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon Mémoire-projet, (partim Mémoire)Servais, Louis2022Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon Pratiques des entreprises pour réduire les coûts énergétiques : cas des organisations en Belgique.Monkam, Raphaël Stephan2023Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon Productivity in hotel and catering industry: productivity and performance indiactors. So how can we measure the productivity and perfromance in the hotel and restaurants sectors?Dahbi, Maryem2022Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon Sharing platforms : customer loyalty, the result of calculative and affective commitment as a competitive advantage. The case of PM networkRekik, Maher2020Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon Sustainable Growth Pillar within the Europe 2020 Index. A Sector level's DecompositionBalegamire Baraka, Remy2021Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon The impact of gray market on the activities and brand image of the Belgian company Olivia Garden and how to reduce its negative effectsDetremmerie, Antonine2021Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon The impact of the U.S.-China trade war on the European stock marketTamimi, Jouhaina2024Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon The relation between the Europe 2020 index and countries'competitivenessFinazzi, Arianna2023Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon Une étude exploratoire de la demande des Tiny Houses en Belgique.Moiseeva, Alina2023Walheer, Barnabé ULiège
Access icon What is the impacts of event tourism ? : application to the Christmas market of LiegeDuchesne, Emilie2020Walheer, Barnabé ULiège