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Access icon A systematic review of sustainable finance. A review from 2002 to 2022Phan, Minh Hoai Thuong2023Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon Comparison of the impact of the health and energetic crisis: An analysis of ESG leaders and laggards ETFs in Europe and North AmericaAbbas, Ahmed2023Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon Comparison of the liquidity position between certified B Corp and non-B Corp companies during the COVIDSchmetz, François2024Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon Fonctionnement du carry trading et vulnérabilité en période de crises financière : Une étude approfondieMedjdoub, Farouk Arslane2024Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon How geopolitical crises impact the value of the dollar and what is the future of this currency?Pesnev, Matvey2023Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon Impact of Covid-19 on the exposure to ESG risk-factor : case of blue-chip stocks and equity funds.Kooli, Emna2022Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon Impact of ESG investments on stocks performance during Covid-19 crisisAsmar, Loubna2023Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon La finance islamique : Analyse de la performance des fonds islamiques par rapport aux fonds conventionnels et aux fonds ESG.Petrolito, Gaëtan2023Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon Performance of the socially responsible indices in market turmoilRäkköläinen, Jesse2023Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon The financial leverage in the pricing of eurozone stocks. A study of a leverage augmented fama & french three-factor modelLarose, Thomas2022Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon The impact of Covid-19 on Belgian banks, the case of Belfiusde Vaulx de Champion, Margaux2023Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon What are the factors influencing the decision to implement and maintain the EMAS regulation in Belgium, and how do these factors vary according to the organisation size?Gérard, Emmanuel2023Santi, Caterina ULiège