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Access icon A workflow for large scale computer-aided cytology and its applicationsMormont, Romain2016Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon AI-assisted annotation of large and multimodal imaging datasetsBernard, Simon2021Geurts, Pierre ULiège; Marée, Raphaël ULiège
Access icon Annotating artistic images with deep learningNoirhomme, Maxime2019Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Application of modern machine learning techniques to the detection of micro-awakenings on a midsagittal jaw motion signalHockers, Pierre2021Sacré, Pierre ULiège; Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Automatic defect recognition in x-ray imaging by machine learningLeroy, Pascal2018Geurts, Pierre ULiège; Marée, Raphaël ULiège
Access icon Autonomous navigation of a drone in indoor environmentsMeurisse, Maxime2021Geurts, Pierre ULiège; Greffe, Christophe
Access icon Causal feature selection for predicting interventionsVan Buggenhout, François2016Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Change Detection on Sentinel-2 multi-spectral images: A Semi-(Non-)Supervised Learning approachPirenne, Thomas2021Geurts, Pierre ULiège; Draime, Damien
Access icon Deep learning algorithms applied to dermatological pathology monitoringDelarbre, François2019Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Deep Learning for Content-Based Image Retrieval in Biomedical applicationsSchyns, Axelle2023Marée, Raphaël ULiège; Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Deep Learning for the Classification and Detection of Animals in ArtworksClaes, Yann2021Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Development of cell counting algorithms within pathological tissuesRubens, Ulysse2017Geurts, Pierre ULiège; Marée, Raphaël ULiège
Access icon Employee skills prediction using collaborative-filtering techniquesValkenberg, Benoît2017Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Evaluating and improving the robustness of machine learning models, using mixed-integer optimization techniquesBlondiau, Sébastien2019Geurts, Pierre ULiège; Louveaux, Quentin ULiège
Access icon Exploring physiological indicators of pregnancy outcomes using machine learning and longitudinal patient dataBixhain, Alix2018Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Extension of the Cytomine software for multispectral dataVanosmael, Laurent2017Geurts, Pierre ULiège; Marée, Raphaël ULiège
Access icon Feature selection with deep neural networksVecoven, Nicolas2017Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Gene regulatory network inference from observational and interventional expression dataSmetz, Colin2017Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Interactive machine learning in industrial controlVallot, Arnaud2019Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Large-scale and parallel implementation of random forestsRalet, Arnaud2018Geurts, Pierre ULiège