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Access icon Development and Use of the Biowanze Distillation Model Using Vali SoftwareGovaert, Martin2023Léonard, Grégoire ULiège
Access icon Development of a Mass Spectrometry Methodology for the Absolute Quantification of ProteinsHenin, Fanny2023Eppe, Gauthier ULiège
Access icon Développement de filtres pour le traitement biologique des eaux récréativesZankia Kenzo, Jules George2023Lambert, Stéphanie ULiège
Access icon Evaluation environnementale d'une machine Lasea nouvelle génération (LASEA NEO)Ateajeu Tchio, Denis William2023Léonard, Angélique ULiège
Access icon Évaluation environnementale de la production de produits à base de déchets recyclésColard, Jean-Jacques2023Léonard, Angélique ULiège
Access icon Focus on the reaction between Ca(OH)2 and HCl at solid stateReda, Nadia2023Lambert, Stéphanie ULiège
Access icon Influence of Additives Delaying Lime Reactivity on Calcium Hydroxide Characteristics and PropertiesHennuy, Maurine2023Heinrichs, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Influence of hydrated lime microstructure on their efficiency to react with acidic gases (SO2 mainly)Ledent, Charles2023Lambert, Stéphanie ULiège
Access icon Manufacturing of lithium-ion battery prototypes through environmentally friendly processesDeckers, Zoé2023Job, Nathalie ULiège
Access icon Mixing analysis for scale-up of batch processing for critical controlling step in pharmaceutical processLatour, Emeline2023Toye, Dominique ULiège
Access icon Rationalization and optimization of wastewater on the LDPE unitMouni, Takieddine2023Léonard, Grégoire ULiège
Access icon Rheology and drying characteristics of sludge in the region of LiegeAl Sayed, Mohamad Wael2023Léonard, Angélique ULiège
Access icon Study of an improvement method of the Zinc Hydrosulfite batch production for SILOX IndustryWeyders, Marie-Laure2023Toye, Dominique ULiège
Access icon Study of the Energy Consumption of the Fibreglass Production ProcessKalbusch, Joanne2023Léonard, Grégoire ULiège