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Access icon A comparative study between diffraction analysis softwares and measured motionsEi Phyu Sin Mon2021Baert, Benjamin
Access icon A Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of an Offshore Multipurpose Platform Under Wave EffectsHernandez Escobar, Alejandra2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Analysis of Hydrodynamic Damping Properties of a Marine PropellerAbbasi, Muhammad Maaz2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Application of the Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria in Freeboard assessmentJosipovic, Marko2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Assessment of Numerical Simulations for High Reynolds Flows Around the Pump Tower of a LNG membrane Tank on a Floating StructureSajib, Md Kawsar2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Cargo securing requirements and environmental conditionsKhan, Muhammad Asad2020Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon CFD Benchmark of foamStar: validation of a CFD toolKyaw Swa Hein2021Sergent, Pierrick
Access icon Combined EFD and CFD Approach using the Form Factor for Full Scale Ship Powering PrognosisQuintuña Rodríguez, María Tadea2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Cruise ship's vibration behavior: simulation-measurement correlation analysisSalazar Loor, Lissette Priscilla2021Lesourne, Hervé
Access icon Deformations of ship sections during fabrication, causes and remediesEisawy, Mohamed2021Lindemann, Thomas
Access icon Design and Evaluation of a Ship and Data Model for Digital Twin ApplicationsMahmoud Reda Mahmoud Elsherif2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Design of a Floating Foundation for an HVAC Offshore SubstationJorge Alcantara, Felipe2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Design of a Mooring System for FOWT with Sufficient Yaw StiffnessAlufa, Samson Olorunfemi2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Determination of rotational damping coefficients of a heavy lift vessel using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)Farooq, Umar2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Determination of the Ice Floe Characteristics Resulting From a Non-Typical Ice Breaker and Level Ice InteractionsOzhan, Yusuf Sefa2020Myland, Daniela
Access icon Development of a methodology for CFD calculations in self propulsion (propeller and waterjet)Huon de Kermadec, Nolwenn2020Durat, Antoine
Access icon Development of a pushed barge with optimum performance on shallow draughtsVictor, Emmanuel Obidike2021Lindemann, Thomas
Access icon Fatigue analysis of a tidal turbine blade in composite materialGuisser, Meryem2021Paboeuf, Stéphane
Access icon Fatigue Analysis of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Tower in Composite MaterialAl-Ghuwaidi, Abdulelah Abdullah Saleh2023Rigo, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Fatigue Approach for WAPSRomar Borzacchiello, Guilherme2021Lindemann, Thomas