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Black Sea and diazotrophs, toward an improvement of modeling the nitrogen cycle

Dechenne, Abel ULiège
Promotor(s) : Grégoire, Marilaure ULiège
Date of defense : 4-Sep-2023/5-Sep-2023 • Permalink :
Title : Black Sea and diazotrophs, toward an improvement of modeling the nitrogen cycle
Translated title : [fr] L'ajout de diazotrophes dans la mer Noire en vue d'améliorer la modelisation du cycle de l'azote
Author : Dechenne, Abel ULiège
Date of defense  : 4-Sep-2023/5-Sep-2023
Advisor(s) : Grégoire, Marilaure ULiège
Committee's member(s) : Borges, Alberto ULiège
Goffart, Anne ULiège
Wilmotte, Annick ULiège
Language : English
Number of pages : 61
Keywords : [fr] Black Sea, Anoxia, Nitrogen, Diazotrophs, 3D Modeling, OMZ,
Discipline(s) : Physical, chemical, mathematical & earth Sciences > Multidisciplinary, general & others
Research unit : MAST
Target public : Professionals of domain
Institution(s) : Université de Liège, Liège, Belgique
Degree: Master en océanographie, à finalité approfondie
Faculty: Master thesis of the Faculté des Sciences


[fr] The nitrogen cycle in oxygen depleted environment is a major concern in our world as
soon as the oxygen minimum zones are spreading due to global warming and climate changes.
The Black Sea basin has a constant stratification in which the conditions are anoxic under 100m
all the yearlong. This feature creates an outdoor laboratory for scientists which facilitates the
studying of anoxia and where typical events of the world ocean like ventilation, denitrification
or nitrogen fixation can be more easily investigated. Thus, we use a 3D model of the Black Sea
to investigate the nitrogen cycle, where we have added di-nitrogen fixers (diazotrophs).
Previously di-nitrogen was considered to be lost in the water column because it was
considered to be inert regarding biology. During this work, we have investigated di-nitrogen
fixers and we have found that a non-negligible amount of nitrogen is recycled in the water
column which enhance the accuracy of the nitrogen cycle. Indeed, the production of di nitrogen in the water column was found to be constantly inferior to the di-nitrogen fixation by
diazotrophs, which shows their importance. However, we have to investigate more efficiently
our knowledge of diazotrophs as soon as their physiology is only poorly understood.



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  • Dechenne, Abel ULiège Université de Liège > Master en océanogra., à fin.


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  • Borges, Alberto ULiège Université de Liège - ULiège > Département d'astrophys., géophysique et océanographie (AGO) > Chemical Oceanography Unit (COU)
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  • Goffart, Anne ULiège Université de Liège - ULiège > Département de Biologie, Ecologie et Evolution > Océanographie biologique
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  • Wilmotte, Annick ULiège Université de Liège - ULiège > Département des sciences de la vie > Physiologie et génétique bactériennes
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