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Access icon Mesh Validation and Resistance Prediction of the JBC Bulker Design using CFD MethodXu, Cheng2016Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Application of super-element theory to crash-worthiness evaluation within the scope of the A.D.N. RegulationsUzögüten, Hasan Özgür2016Taczala, Maciej; Nzengu, Wa
Access icon Ship Hull Optimization in Calm Water and Moderate Sea StatesTIN YADANAR, Tun2016Bronsart, Robert; Binkowski, Eva; Harries, Stefan
Access icon Wind Turbine Tower Structure Analysis According to Wind Load in Terms of CostSahin, Selçuk2016Taczala, Maciej; Paik, Jeom Kee
Access icon Improving Steel Stockyard Planning by Coupling Optimization with Stochastic SimulationSelamoglu, Atakan2016Iwankowicz, Remigiusz; Caprace, Jean-David ULiège
Access icon CFD BASED OPTIMISATION OF A RIVER FERRYPilakkat, Binoy2016Pacuraru, Florin
Access icon The Design of a Containership Propulsion SystemParavilayil Najeeb, Noufal2016Amoraritei, Mihaela
Access icon Assessment of Roll Stabilization Systems for Heavy Lift ShipsMathew, Nikhil2016Kornev, Nikolai; Rathje, Helge
Access icon Assessment of the Conditions of Medium-size Shipbuilding Company to Build Offshore StructuresNguyen, Thua2016Graczyk, Tadeusz
Access icon Numerical and Analytical Simulations of Ship- Jacket CollisionsMartinus, Putra2016Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Hydrostatic test on tanks during the section stage of a ship: The case study of the PSV 5000Martino, Alessandro2016Renardo, Florin
Access icon European Standard EN ISO 15614-1 versus Requirements of Ship Classification SocietiesKronbauer Martinelli, Haide2016Graczyk, Tadeusz
Access icon Fatigue Analysis of a Tension Leg Platform: Fatigue Life ImprovementHita Espejo, Adrian2016Taczala, Maciej
Access icon 8 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Installation With a Self-propelled Jack-up VesselGraf, Karel2016Graczyk, Tadeusz
Access icon Logistics Simulation of Offshore Production SitesGormus, Dogukan2016Filina-Dawidowicz, Ludmila; Caprace, Jean-David ULiège
Access icon Rules and methods for dimensioning embarked materials for surface ships when subjected to UNDEXGarcia Navarro, Mauricio2016Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon OPTIMIZATION OF TWISTED RUDDER (With Bulb and Hub Cap)Echeverry Jaramillo, Sara2016Kornev, Nikolai
Access icon Fatigue and Fracture Assessment of Butt Welded Joints and Thermal Cut Edges under Axial and Bending LoadsDuarte Benther, Jorge2016Kaeding, Patrick; Von Selle, Hubertus
Access icon Engine foundation re-design due to modification of the shaft line arrangementDi Iorio, Marcos2016Boote, Dario
Access icon Micro Gas Turbines on Mega Yachts - A Feasibility StudyBenet Perez, Alvaro2016Bronsart, Robert
Master thesis submitted (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 167