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Access icon Numerical Simulation of Ice Ridge BreakingAlekseev, Aleksei2016Robert, Bronsart
Access icon Design of a Common Modular - SWAS(S)H for Offshore and Harbour Support VesselsAkula, Nidarshan2016Sekulski, Zbigniew; Hage, André ULiège
Access icon Global Response Analysis of Wind Turbine Installation Vessels in Semi-submerged Condition. A Modified Quasi-Static ApproachAcevedo Ortega, Ramon2016Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Concept Design of a Station Keeping Vessel Dedicated to Maintenance of the Far Shore Wind FarmWu, Yue2015Sekulski, Zbigniew; Seguin, Vincent
Access icon Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Heavy Lift Vessel during Offshore Installation OperationsWang, Bin2015Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Optimization of ship hull form for moderate sea stateThi Ha, Soe2015Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Discrete Event Simulation Helps to Improve Terminal Productivity for New Design Container ShipsSuzen, Rasih2015Dawidowicz, Ludmila; Caprace, Jean-David
Access icon Comparison of Seakeeping performance of the two super yachts of 53 and 46 m in lengthSaleem, Muhammad Asim2015Boote, Dario
Access icon Guideline development for offshore structure vibration analysisPishchanskyi, Andrii2015Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Dynamic behaviour of floor systems in accommodation areasOzcan, Mustafa Görkem2015Kaeding, Patrick
Access icon Hydrodynamic Performances of KRISO Container Ship (KCS) Using CAD-CAE and CFD TechniquesOuargli, Hassiba2015Obreja, Dan; Pacurau, Florin
Access icon Method for Prediction of Sea Ice Thickness Based on the Blowing Air Temperature and SpeedNkoko Nossa, Anneck2015Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Investigation of the capability of RANSE CFD for propeller calculation in practical useNguyen, Manh Chien2015Kornev, Nikolai
Access icon Hydrodynamic optimisation of a new hull bow shape by CFD codeMedia, Rafik2015Boote, Dario
Access icon Pillars definition and dimensioning, Verification and Validation of FEM parametric modelLe Pivain, Arnaud2015Sekulski, Zbigniew
Access icon Analysis of Classification Societies’ Rules for Yacht Superstructure Scantlings – Application to a Light Alloy SuperstructureKramer, Michael2015Boote, Dario
Access icon Fatigue Analysis of Offshore Drilling UnitKarim, Md Rezaul2015Taczala, Maciej
Access icon Deep sea mining – what makes it different to offshore oil and gas applications?Htike Aung, Hein2015Bronsart, Robert
Access icon Analytical formulations for ship-offshore wind turbine collisionsHsieh, Jing-Ru2015Le Sourne, Hervé
Access icon Novel application of large area propeller to optimize Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) of shipsDuplex, Prabu2015Sekulski, Zbigniew
Master thesis submitted (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 146