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Access icon A comparative study of the determinants of Belgian and Luxembourg mutual funds' ongoing chargesSchroyen, Louis2018Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon A performance analysis of long-short exchange traded fundsIgout, Karim2017Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Analyse économique et juridique du financement du contentieux par un tiers. Enquête dans le monde des entreprises belges.Marlière, Sarah2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Analyse sectorielle et financière du luxe: dans quelle mesure la performance influence-t-elle la valorisation des entreprises du secteur?Struelens, Clarisse2018Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Analysis of the investors' preferences for the mutual fund product from a quantitative/empirical analysis of the inflows/ outflows to the mutual fund industry in different marketsNguyen, Thi Thu Hien2018Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Conditional Hedge Fund trades on macroeconomic informationMeessen, Thomas2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Defining the best fundamental indexing strategy from 1998 to 2015.Colmonts, Maxime2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Elaboration d'un outil de sensibilisation à la reprise d'entreprise en WallonieAngeli, Anne-Sophie2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Empirical study of the underpricing and the winner's curse hypothesis of IPO's on Euronext BrusselsCulot, Bertrand2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Forecasting S&P500 volatility by characterizing shocks using Latent Semantic Analysis on new articlesMoreno Miranda, Nicolas2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon How to reduce the impact of translation risk on consolidated financial statements of internationnally operating companies ?Lixon, Clément2017Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Impact de la domiciliation et des effets nationaux sur la structure de coûts des fonds d'investissement européensJerusalem, Nicolas2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Impact of political events on the Paris Stock Exchange (2007-2017) event studyLescalier, Jean-François2018Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Impact of venture capital & private equity backing, hedge fund managers' ownerships and debt holdings on the post-IPO long-run performance of technological firmsFraiture, Gautier2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Implementation study of a trading management platformTrieu, David2017Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Le financement des PME : les marchés boursiers constituent-ils une piste sérieuse ?Brandt, Maxime2016Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Liquidity risk model implementation for Ucits and AIF FundsGilson, Kevin2017Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Manager skills of long/short equity hedge funds : the factor model dependencyClaes, Maxime2018Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Mise en place d'une solution avancée d'optimisation de portefeuilles en vue de son intégration au sein d'une plateforme d'investissement discrétionnaire en ligneMeeckers, Maxime2017Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon Prediction markets used in political event studies and their ability to anticipate stock market reactions : the case of the United States presidential election of 2016Orban, Robine2018Lambert, Marie ULiège