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Access icon Alone in the Dark: Encrypted traffic classificationSauvage, Mehdi2019Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Anycast-based DNS in Mobile NetworksWassermann, Sarah2017Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Assessment and management of risks related to the digitization of the Food Supply ChainLambotte, Manon2023Donnet, Benoît ULiège; Hault, Olivier
Access icon Automatic and on-the-fly Firewalls ConfigurationRossetto, Vincent2021Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Automation in Multi-Domain Software-Defined Networking: Overview and Use CasesCollin, William2021Donnet, Benoît ULiège; De Pra, Hugues
Access icon Distributed Video Caching for Multi-Camera ApplicationsBoileau, Quentin2017Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Extended Network FingerprintingMathonet, Romain2019Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Extending a SAIN Architecture Agent with Active Network MeasurementsCarlisi, Thomas2021Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Fast Internet Topology DiscoveryErnst, Bertrand2017Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon FoodChain: Digitization of the Food Supply ChainRobert, Mehdi2021Donnet, Benoît ULiège; Hault, Olivier
Access icon Implementation of a Platform for Computer Security and Network LabsPire, Renaud2019Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Implementing an Automatic Pointers Exercises Generator in CAFÉ 2.0Baum, Valentin2023Donnet, Benoît ULiège; Fontaine, Pascal ULiège
Access icon Implementing and validating IOAM in VPPBayaux, Jerôme2021Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Improving Network FingerprintingHoebreck, Florian2017Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Managing Spam Under IPv6Bricmont, Jordan2017Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Digitizing the Food Chain TraceabilityCalixte, Maxence2022Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Analysis of IPv6 Extension Header Processing/Transmission over the wide InternetLéas, Raphaël2022Donnet, Benoît ULiège; Vincke, Eric
Access icon Master thesis : Honeypot Evolution: Creation Guidelines and Implementation for Third-Party Application Behavior Study Using Cisco SecureX as Monitoring ToolkitDeflandre, Guilian2022Donnet, Benoît ULiège; De Pra, Hugues
Access icon Master thesis : Implementation and Evaluation of LISP Publish/Subscribe Functionality in NS3Piron, Tom2022Donnet, Benoît ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Intelligent Load Balancing with IOAM and SRv6Bertin, Anne2022Donnet, Benoît ULiège; Brockners, Frank