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Access icon Developing a methodology for the determination of homogeneous soil zones within long-term agroforestry experimental sitesMine, Raphaël2022Garré, Sarah ULiège; Reubens, Bert
Access icon Evaluation of the effect of micro-topography of a potato field on electrical resistivity tomography measurements to assess non-uniform soil moisture patterns in Sandy oilManhaeghe, Thibault2018Garré, Sarah ULiège
Access icon Exploratory approach of water in green roofs : Assessment of influence on water retention of plant fonctional groups and water distribution through radiometric thermal imagingLemaine, Jonathan2017Monty, Arnaud ULiège; Garré, Sarah ULiège
Access icon Impact of crop residue and cover crop management on soil hydraulic propertiesVaelen, Guillaume2018Garré, Sarah ULiège; Degré, Aurore ULiège
Access icon Quantification of root water uptake distribution of winter barley using water stable isotopes under field conditionsVanoverbeke, Françoise2018Garré, Sarah ULiège; Rothfuss, Youri ULiège
Access icon Selection of substrate amendements improving hydrological properties of extensive green roofs in JapanGuidi, Tiffanie2019Garré, Sarah ULiège; Nagase, Ayako
Access icon Suitability of two sensor technologies to monitor spatio-temporal patterns of soil moisture on extensive green roofsBernard, Cédric2018Garré, Sarah ULiège
Access icon The potential of hazelnut trees (Corylus avellana L.) in an agroforestry context in Belgium and The NetherlandsJeanmart, Sophie2021Garré, Sarah ULiège
Access icon Urban honey beekeeping using hive-pollen to identify urban foraging sites and preferred vegetation communities in JapanPouilloux, Lise2019Francis, Frédéric ULiège; Garré, Sarah ULiège
Access icon Water as a connecting theme for the establishment of an agricultural landscape park : the case study of the Onderzoekskouter (Flanders)Cecere, Andrea2021Garré, Sarah ULiège; Hermans, Thomas ULiège