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Access icon 15 ans de Fedcom: la situation de la comptabilité analytique dans l'administration fédérale belge.Sabatini, Anthony2022Chanteux, Anne ULiège
Access icon 4wings foundation: construire une méthodologie d'analyse d'impact d'une fondation.Bertrand, Ania2019Xhauflair, Virginie ULiège
Access icon A comparative study of the determinants of Belgian and Luxembourg mutual funds' ongoing chargesSchroyen, Louis2018Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon A comparative study on the adoption of the circular economy in European port cities.Pirenne, Fanny2023Ruysschaert, Benoit ULiège
Access icon A comparison between the audit and financial due diligence process in BelgiumFranssen, Mike2020Francis, Yves ULiège
Access icon A constructive and improvement heuristic for the dial a ride problemThomas, Frédérick2022Paquay, Célia ULiège
Access icon A content-analysis of the advertisements in the automotive industryHemmerlin, Tanya2021Delcourt, Cécile ULiège
Access icon A food restribution model for "la bourse aux dons"Lopez Ballen, Jimmy Alexander2017Limbourg, Sabine ULiège
Access icon A Heuristic Approach to the Home Healthcare Districting Problem in the Province of LiègeDogan, Furkan2023François, Véronique ULiège
Access icon A l'ère de la transformation digitale des entreprises, quelles stratégies marketing appliquer pour une agence web ? Cas d'étude de la société Synchrone.Ragusa, Francesco2017Tondeur, Jean ULiège
Access icon A la recherche d'un modèle d'affaire pour un projet d'entreprise spécialisée dans l'OSINT.Joassin, Vincent2017Surlemont, Bernard ULiège
Access icon A performance analysis of long-short exchange traded fundsIgout, Karim2017Lambert, Marie ULiège
Access icon A revisit to low volatility anomalyXia, Houyang2019Hübner, Georges ULiège
Access icon A solution method for creating laminated wood panels with revalorized wood boards.Spécia, Tanguy2023Paquay, Célia ULiège
Access icon A study of the impact of the Fairtrade eco-label on consumers demand of orange juicePyko, Viktoriia2022Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon A study of the impact of the Fairtrade label on consumers’ willingness to pay : an application to the case of chocolateStruckmeyer, Camille2020Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon A study of the ownership structure and decisional power within the value chain of the semiconductors indutry.Descamps, Vincent2021Hübner, Georges ULiège
Access icon A study on the expected impact of IFRS 17 on the transparency of financial statements of insurance companiesMignolet, Félix2017Schumesch, Patrice ULiège
Access icon A systematic review of sustainable finance. A review from 2002 to 2022Phan, Minh Hoai Thuong2023Santi, Caterina ULiège
Access icon A typology of greenwashing practices in consumer advertisementDumont, Céline2023Delcourt, Cécile ULiège