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Access icon Achromatic phase shifter in nulling interferometry for exoplanet detectionFayt, Casimir2021Loicq, Jerôme ULiège
Access icon Active Vibration Mitigation of a Bladed Rail Structure with Piezoelectric Patches by Decentralized Positive Position Feedback ControllerCollette, Axel2021Collette, Christophe ULiège
Access icon Advanced approach for mixed mode crack propagationRajaraman, Dhanraj2017Ponthot, Jean-Philippe ULiège
Access icon Aerodynamic Modelling for the Flutter Analysis of the Sonaca 200 AircraftCamberlin, Loïc2018Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège
Access icon Aerodynamic optimization of an aileron of a racing carMartínez Cacho, Alicia2020Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Aerodynamic Stability of PelycosaursLaurent, Thibault2019Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège
Access icon Aeroelastic Calculations on the Front Stage of an Industrial CompressorFasano, Gianmarco2018Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège
Access icon Aeroelastic modelling of the Sonaca 200Rulliere, Hadrien2020Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège
Access icon Alternative approach to model wear evolution of a blade undergoing contact interactions with the surrounding casingMasrour, Khadija2018Ponthot, Jean-Philippe ULiège
Access icon Ammonia Bubble Condensation and Dissolution Analysis in Mechanically Pumped LoopMichaux, Bérénice2021Barbier, Christian ULiège
Access icon Analyse du marché de la MRO et positionnement potentiel de SAB dans celui-ci.Godin, Frédéric2019Catania, Gabriele ULiège
Access icon Analysis of a gravity compensation system for deployment testsMarchand, Anthony2016Bruls, Olivier ULiège
Access icon Analysis of shape distortion resulting from the manufacturing process for thermoset compositesPereira Sanchez, Clara Andrea2017Noels, Ludovic ULiège
Access icon Application of a re-meshing procedure for the simulation of direct injection in a natural gas piston engineMessere, Lucas2021Terrapon, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Assessment of the use of civil engineering techniques to model bolted joints in aeronauticsHeslouin, Clément2017Duchene, Laurent ULiège; Habraken, Anne ULiège; Jaspart, Jean-Pierre ULiège
Access icon BiGlobal Stability Analysis: Laminar Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer InteractionsNiessen, Sébastien2017Terrapon, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Blade tip timing method: advanced measurement data processingRavi, Gopalakrishnan2017Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège
Access icon Calibration of FLORIS instrument onboard ESA FLEX satellite. Study of the detector non-linearity key data parametersTezel, Nursel2021Georges, Marc ULiège
Access icon Capability study of a laser equipped balancing machine and algorithm development for assessing tire geometrical non uniformitiesLabory, Léonard2016Arnst, Maarten ULiège
Access icon CFD based evaluation of in-­cylinder mixture quality in a hydrogen internal combustion engineAddarkaoui Taarabt, Saddik2021Terrapon, Vincent ULiège