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Access icon Analyse du marché de la MRO et positionnement potentiel de SAB dans celui-ci.Godin, Frédéric2019Catania, Gabriele ULiège
Access icon Analysis of a gravity compensation system for deployment testsMarchand, Anthony2016Bruls, Olivier ULiège
Access icon Assessment of the use of civil engineering techniques to model bolted joints in aeronauticsHeslouin, Clément2017Duchene, Laurent ULiège; Habraken, Anne ULiège; Jaspart, Jean-Pierre ULiège
Access icon Capability study of a laser equipped balancing machine and algorithm development for assessing tire geometrical non uniformitiesLabory, Léonard2016Arnst, Maarten ULiège
Access icon Co-alignment of detectors in dual-channel spectrometers by optical coherence tomographyChavet, Quentin2019Loicq, Jerôme ULiège; Borguet, Benoit
Access icon Development of a wind tunnel test bench for the characterisation of the aerodynamic performances of a micro-droneDominique, Joachim2016Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Development of an experimental platform dedicated to wind turbine default detectionDawans, Martin2016Andrianne, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Développement d'un interféromètre spatial pour la détection et la caractérisation d'exoplanètesSchifano, Luca2018Loicq, Jerôme ULiège
Access icon Electrical cables design using tea pipeFernandez Merino, Guillermo2016Kerschen, Gaëtan ULiège
Access icon Etude d'un workflow de gestion des demandes d'intervention en engineering pour SAV multi-sites et son application à Safran Test Cells.Rikir, Adrien2019Pironet, Thierry ULiège
Access icon Etude par éléments finis de la collision entre bateauxMalempré, Florian2016Ponthot, Jean-Philippe ULiège
Access icon Final design stage of a UAVGeorgakopoulou, Stavroula2016Noels, Ludovic ULiège
Access icon Final work : Aerodynamic design and optimization of a propeller for a regional electric aircraftBaruah, Prachurjya Jyoti2022Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège
Access icon Final work : Aeroelastic Calculations on the Front Stage of an Industrial CompressorFasano, Gianmarco2018Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège
Access icon Final work : Aeroelastic tailoring of carbon fiber bladesChalke, Akshay Prafulla2021Hillewaert, Koen ULiège
Access icon Final work : Application of Piezoelectric actuators for controlled blade vibrationsManso Faba, Daniel2019Golinval, Jean-Claude ULiège; Glodic, Nenad
Access icon Final work : Assessment of throughflow closure models for a modern axial compressorRuis, Bart2021Terrapon, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Final work : Conception and investigation of new designs of pre-swirl nozzles manufactured with additive manufacturingKuhn, Nicolas2019Terrapon, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Final Work : Conceptual Study of a Fixed Wing Cargo Autonomous Drone SystemTadei, Luca2021Dimitriadis, Grigorios ULiège
Access icon Final work : Conjugate heat transfer analysis and comparison of the results with different CFD modeling methods in FINE/OpenJawad, Amir-Alexandru2019Terrapon, Vincent ULiège