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Access icon A new auroral structure on Jupiter: Jupiter's auroral bridgePardo Cantos, Irene2019Grodent, Denis ULiège
Access icon Achromatic phase shifter in nulling interferometry for exoplanet detectionFayt, Casimir2021Loicq, Jerôme ULiège
Access icon An Analysis of the Red Giant BumpDe Becker, Alexandre2020Dupret, Marc-Antoine ULiège; Noels-Grötsch, Arlette ULiège
Access icon An Assessment of K2 Data Quality for the Search for Survivor Exoplanets Around Hot SubdwarfsMotte, Mathieu2023Van Grootel, Valérie ULiège; Pozuelos Romero, Francisco José ULiège
Access icon Analysis of EPT and SATRAM data for the assessment of the use of radiation monitor data for space weather purposesHiggins, Owen2021Dehant, Véronique; Grodent, Denis ULiège
Access icon Analysis of the dawn-dusk asymmetry in Jupiter's main auroral emission using Juno-UVSGroulard, Antoine2022Bonfond, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Analysis of the Impact of Solar Energetic Particles Events on the Martian Neutral Upper Atmosphere using Mars Express Radio Occultation DataVerkercke, Sébastien2022Karatekin, Ozgur; Wautelet, Gilles ULiège
Access icon Astrochemical pathways for the synthesis of amino-acids in interstellar cloudsGroyne, Maria2023De Becker, Michaël ULiège; Munhoven, Guy ULiège
Access icon Atlas of cometary lines obtained from a high-resolution spectrum of comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR)Hardy, Pierre2022Jehin, Emmanuel ULiège
Access icon Automatic OilSpill detection and monitoring with supervised machine learning and SAR remote sensingStock, Damien2020Defrere, Denis ULiège; Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULiège
Access icon Black Holes and Cosmological ModelsCorbeel, Aude2021Magain, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Characterising the line of sight towards strongly lensed quasarsLahmaïd, Ismaël2023Sluse, Dominique ULiège
Access icon Co-alignment of detectors in dual-channel spectrometers by optical coherence tomographyChavet, Quentin2019Loicq, Jerôme ULiège; Borguet, Benoit
Access icon Compact spectropolarimetry of auroral lightsGarny, Alexandre2021Loicq, Jerôme ULiège
Access icon Consequences of an extension of General Relativity on gravitational wavesBomans, Victor2021Cudell, Jean-René ULiège
Access icon Constraining the dynamics and masses of the TRAPPIST-1 planets with thetransit timing variations methodHouge, Adrien2020Gillon, Michaël ULiège
Access icon Convection in pulsating white dwarfsVerhulst, Grégoire2019Dupret, Marc-Antoine ULiège
Access icon Deciphering a gravitationally lensed system with the ESO-MUSE integral field spectrographChawla, Arjun2022Sluse, Dominique ULiège
Access icon Deep Learning in ArcGIS Pro using Lidar data for automatic detection of archaeological structuresBaudhuin, Alice2023Kokalj, Ziga; Jonard, François ULiège
Access icon Deep N-band nulling interferometric imaging of α Lyrae and ß Leo with the LBTIRousseau, Hélène2020Defrere, Denis ULiège