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Access icon Automatic identification of football players based on game video sequences for the production of metadataMichel, Tom2017Wehenkel, Louis ULiège; Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULiège
Access icon Data Modeling Techniques For A Cement PlantSpits, Laurent2021Wehenkel, Louis ULiège; David, Robert
Access icon Design and implementation of a chatbot in the context of customer supportPeters, Florian2018Wehenkel, Louis ULiège
Access icon Facial recognition using deep neural networks.Dubois, Antoine2018Wehenkel, Louis ULiège; Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULiège
Access icon Game Intelligent Analyst - Anomaly Detection in Casino Games using Machine Learning AlgorithmsMerchie, Florian2018Wehenkel, Louis ULiège; Boniver, Christophe
Access icon Machine learning of proxies for power systems reliability managementDuchesne, Laurine2016Wehenkel, Louis ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Detection of intruders stealing high voltage cables from electric pylonsMansoor, Ahmed2022Wehenkel, Louis ULiège; Nizet, Rémy
Access icon Master's Thesis : Data modelling of steam turbine performanceLamborelle, Maxime2020Wehenkel, Louis ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Deep Reinforcement Learning with Applications to the Renewable Energy TransitionBolland, Adrien2020Ernst, Damien ULiège; Wehenkel, Louis ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : State segmentation and forecasting of production processes by machine learningRoekens, Joachim2020Wehenkel, Louis ULiège
Access icon Towards the automatic classification of football game events for the production of metadata based on the stadium main cameraCioppa, Anthony2017Wehenkel, Louis ULiège; Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULiège