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Access icon Conception and Realisation of a Solar SimulatorRadelet, Florian2019Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Design of a local energy community in the Hauts-Sarts industrial parkDelwaide, Antoine2020Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Designing a local energy communityHauts-SartsBourki, Anthony2020Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Exploring the impact of the energy transition on electricity distribution systems: The beginning of a journey in search of equilibrium in the game between the network operator and its usersCornet, Manon2023Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Étude et modélisation électrothermique d'une batterie stationnaire Lithium-ion connectée en micro-réseau sur site industrielFontaine, Maxime2021Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : A climate forecasting model to assist Belgian wine-growers against bud freezingLeerschool, Adrien2022Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; Doutreloup, Sébastien ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Denoising diffusion probabilistic models applied to energy forecasting in power systemsHernandez Capel, Esteban2022Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; Dumas, Jonathan ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Digital twin of a power converter: using hardware-in-the-loop for the design and evaluation of digital control algorithms.Ewbank, Bastien2022Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Master Thesis : Sizing of renewable energy production and storage solutions for increasing the energy autonomy of tertiary buildingsBessemans, Pauline2023Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; gerkens, Guillaume
Access icon Master's Thesis : Hyperparameters and features selection for forecasting energy generation and consumptionLempereur, Audrey2020Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Implementation of an MPPT algorithm on a sierra 10 converterMunenwa, Guelor2020Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Modélisation et valorisation d'une batterie pour les services auxiliairesMichiels, Yannick2021Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Probabilistic load forecasting with generative modelsDelvoye, Benjamin2022Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; Dumas, Jonathan ULiège
Access icon Quantification of needs and validation of bids of flexibility in distribution systemsBenothman, Féres2021Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Real-time control design using Hardware-In-the-Loop for power management applicationsStassain, Laurent2023Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; Frebel, Fabrice ULiège
Access icon Real-time power dispatch in a DC microgridStegen, Thomas2021Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Recommender system for the billiard gameEl Mekki, Sélim2019Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Stability of a system with high penetration of power electronic converters: impact of wind events and transmission outagesColot, Antonin2021Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Study and development of a cold storage unit for the optimization of microgridsDakir, Selmane2018Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège; Lemort, Vincent ULiège
Access icon The impact of self-consumption in mitigating the distribution network issuesDosquet, Romane2021Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège