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Access icon A study of the impact of the Fairtrade eco-label on consumers demand of orange juicePyko, Viktoriia2022Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Analyse du développement en Grande-Bretagne d'une entreprise du secteur de la construction, en prévision du Brexit : le cas Isosystems AG.Schifflers, Nicolas2017Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Analysis of Chinese international trade potential under the background of the belt and road initiativeZhou, Yingjun2020Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Can public policies help developing countries escape from the poverty trap?Nicolay, Maxime2022Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon COVID-19 : Europe's response to the pandemic crisis.Freddi, Chiara2020Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Dumping chinois et politique antidumping européenne : quelles perspectives et attitudes pour l'Union face à la question de la reconnaissance du statut d'économie de marché de la Chine ?Jacquemin, Pierre2018Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Dynamic programming with discrete choice : households'attractiveness towards financial investments based on SHARE databaseDécembry, Emilie2018Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Globalization, Labour productiviy and convergence in AfricaBahati Mukulu, Joseph2022Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon L'économie circulaire, un atout pour les entreprises? Zoom sur l'éco-conception.Otto, Laura2017Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Le commerce équitable est-il vraiment équitable ? Analyse de la détermination du prix dans la filière équitableSoultanbeieff, Laurent2016Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon MémoireLargana, Elisa2021Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Research-Thesis, COLLÉGIALITÉDupont, Loïc2020Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Research-Thesis, COLLÉGIALITÉStruckmeyer, Camille2020Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon Study of potential impacts of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) establishment to Vietnam in terms of Revealed Comparative AdvantageHoang, Manh Toan2016Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon The effectiveness of environmental taxes on CO2 emissions: an empirical analysis of European countries.Schmits, Camille2022Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon The Impact of Trade Agreement on Intra-regional trade flow of goods and services within West Africa countries (The ECOWAS)Yovo, Dede Venedia Vanessa2022Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon The Serbian dependency to the Russan gas: an innovative solution through the import with the LNG technologyOger, Vincent2017Tharakan, Joseph ULiège
Access icon The Theory on Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants and the Role of Labour UnionsScheewel, Hendrik2017Tharakan, Joseph ULiège