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Access icon Ad-hoc communication for mobile devicesGain, Gaulthier2018Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Design and implementation of a large scale audio-conferencing systemPaquay, Michaël2017Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Dev tools for Owl 2Carion, Julien2023Mathy, Laurent ULiège; Genin, Simon
Access icon Development of a Flutter module for ATHLETinAlakhir, Ahmed2023Mathy, Laurent ULiège; Gain, Gaulthier ULiège
Access icon Development of mobile services to manage electronic health recordsFransolet, Bastien2016Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Dynamic Network Flow Classification with Hardware offloadingPieroux, Alexandre2017Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Fast Service ChainingIurman, Justin2017Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon High speed middlebox applicationsAtif, Yannis2019Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon How Kubernetes can support cloud native application development ?Stappers, Michaël2020Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Implementing the beta machine on a Terasic DE10 SoC + FPGA development boardPolet, Quentin2021Fontaine, Pascal ULiège; Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Improved system call detectionKnott, Benoît2023Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Lambda functions for network control and monitoringLeduc, François2021Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Langage pour plate-forme de développement de jeux sur le webChupin, Simon2017Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Lightweight Middlebox TCPGaillard, Romain2016Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Analysis and use cases of a library designed for mobile ad hoc communications.Demoulin, Thomas2022Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : ATHLETin: Web module for the management of athletes' training calendar and medical appointmentsLodrini, Guillaume2022Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Integrating address space layout randomization and make it compatible with memory de-duplication in UnikraftLoslever, Terry2022Mathy, Laurent ULiège; Gain, Gaulthier ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : IPERPROMAT: Integrated Internship / Personal Project / Master Thesis management platformRadis, Nicolas2023Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Load time memory deduplication for unikernelsWansart, Emilien2023Mathy, Laurent ULiège; Gain, Gaulthier ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Multi-user and multi-device support for the ATHLETin projectOzdemir, Kenan2023Mathy, Laurent ULiège; Gain, Gaulthier ULiège