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Access icon Master's Thesis : Deep Reinforcement Learning with Applications to the Renewable Energy TransitionBolland, Adrien2020Ernst, Damien ULiège; Wehenkel, Louis ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Imaging radar signal processing for human positioning and behavior classificationBlistein, François2020Sacré, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Machine learning techniques applied to sleep-disordered breathing diagnosisSimar, Julien2020Sacré, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Semi-supervised learning for object detection in satellite imagesVandeghen, Renaud2020Louppe, Gilles ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Simulation of a programmable RLC impedance (analog and digital implementation)El Osrouti, Mohamed2020Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Master's Thesis : Tomosynthesis Imaging: Principles, Simulations and Practical PerformanceColine, Joachim2020Phillips, Christophe ULiège
Access icon Monocular Visual Inertial SLAM for Drone NavigationMahiat, Nicolas2021Béchet, Eric ULiège
Access icon Motion planning using reinforcement learningScarlata, Nicolas2019Ernst, Damien ULiège
Access icon Neuromorphic control of embodied central pattern generatorsFernandez Lorden, Christian2023Sacré, Pierre ULiège; Drion, Guillaume ULiège
Access icon Object detection and camera correspondence for soccer gamesBindels, Quentin2019Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULiège
Access icon Segmentation multi-capteurs de déchets métalliques pour tri robotiséRaimondi, Rémi2021Louppe, Gilles ULiège
Access icon Study of audio AAC encoding and developing an optimized EncoderHeddari, Wafaa2021Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège