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Access icon A wearable miniaturized wireless multisensor of physiological signals for continuous monitoringFyon, Arthur2021Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Active noise control in an autonomous ventilation moduleFolon, Nora2021Embrechts, Jean-Jacques ULiège
Access icon Analysis and performances of the Unified Space Data Link Protocol and the Space Data Link Security Protocol specified by CCSDS.Van Gelder, Dirk2021Leduc, Guy ULiège; De Quattro, Nicola
Access icon Automated spike analysis for IC production testing solutionsJavaux, Maxime2016Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Automation of an RFID tag writer for radiopharmaceutical applicationsTaquet, Mathieu2021Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Business cases for microgrids in Africa - An application study for Rukara, RwandaConde, Patricia2016Ernst, Damien ULiège
Access icon Causal feature selection for predicting interventionsVan Buggenhout, François2016Geurts, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Comparaison par la modélisation de systèmes de transmission hydrostatiques et électriques pour l'industrie agricoleHeusdens, Gilles2019Lemort, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Computer vision for improving the drone state estimateFonder, Michaël2016Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULiège
Access icon Conception of a telecommunication module for a nanosatelliteDiepart, Morgan2021Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Design and construction of a magnetic torque measurement system at cryogenic temperatureBrialmont, Sébastien2018Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Design of a Miniaturized Automated External DefibrillatorDeflandre, Sophie2021Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Development of a race car simulationmodel for performance optimisationLedent, Nicolas2018Duysinx, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Development of a wireless charger for dronesWens, Thor2021Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Development of an automatic drowsiness monitoring system using the electrocardiogramBourghelle, Florent2016Verly, Jacques ULiège
Access icon Development of an embedded servomotor controllerLempereur, Guillaume2016Boigelot, Bernard ULiège
Access icon Development of an on-board computer for a nanosatelliteHorbach, Amadis2021Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Dynamic Modeling of PV Units in response to Voltage DisturbancesChaspierre, Gilles2016Van Cutsem, Thierry ULiège
Access icon Dynamic modelling and analysis of a compressor test rigDestexhe, Julie2018Drion, Guillaume ULiège
Access icon Electronic design of smart glassesDessambre, Nicolas2021Boigelot, Bernard ULiège; Bours, Jérémie