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Access icon An examination of consumer responses to new technologies in the insurance industry : the case of Bâloise Assurances LuxembourgLouis, Alyson2018Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Analyse des barrières à la consommation des vêtements de seconde mainWera, Marie-Sophie2018Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Développement d'une stratégie et d'un plan d'exportation de bières belges vers le marché européen - Cas de l'entreprise Belgium Peak BeerErnst, Chloé2019Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Economie de partage : motivations et barrières des fournisseursMinet, Anaïs2019Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Etude du marché européen des farines fonctionnelles.Kenne Kemene, Tierry Severin2018Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Impact of consumer barriers on the adoption of innovation : the case of carsharingde l'Escaille, Clémentine2017Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon L'adoption des objets connectés par les consommateurs : motivations et barrièresArchambeau, Pauline2019Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Les avantages et les inconvénients de la digitalisation pour les PME et l'adaptation de leur modèle d'affaires face à cette transformationErnest, Quentin2019Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Muslim consumer behaviour in Islamic finance in Belgium : a study of the decision-making factors for an islamic bank over a conventional bank in a non-muslim countryAkça, Mikail2018Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Overcoming consumers's perceived contamination barriers to access-based services : the role of brand equitySeuling, Lisa2017Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon The effect of customer misbehavior in access-based services : replication studyArrache, Hakim2019Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon The effects of social context in online video games on prosocial behaviourBolle, William2019Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon The impact of language use during service recovery on customer outcomesBastin, Maxime2018Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon The robot always rings twice - an empirical investigation of factors that influence trust towards robots in last-mile deliveryHofmann, Tina2019Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Understanding the deterrents to participation for peer-service-providers and customers in triadic collaborative consumptionTarek, MD Oliur Rahman2018Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Why people do not participate in the collaborative consumption? A comparative analysis of both consumers and service poviders in the case of peer-to-peer platformsKeutgens, Olivier2018Hazee, Simon ULiège