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Access icon American Democracy Under Threat: Misinformation and Disinformation on Social Media. A case study of Donald Trump's mis- and disinformation tweets in the context of the 2021 Capitol siegeVan Rickstal, Cécile2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon An analysis of Media Discourse: Theresa May's image during the Brexit negotiationsVanmanshoven, David2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Do Multinationals Adapt their Communication in regard to Culture: Comparative Analysis of the Commercial Websites of Coca-Cola and L'OréalDecourty, Aurore2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Gambling: The Influence of Advertising and Marketing on young people in BelgiumCastagna, Alexis2019Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon How video games reflect a discourse about another era? The case of Red Dead Redemption IIBagnoli, Nicolas2019Barnabé, Fanny ULiège; Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Instagram: Communication Patterns and Typology of InfluencersNoirhomme, Sophie2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Intertextuality in the Video Game Persona 5Bourdouxhe-Nélissen, Arnaud2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège; Dozo, Björn-Olav ULiège
Access icon Introducing Immigration : a Comparative Study of Metaphors in Two British Online Newspapers during the European Migrant CrisisRinaldo, Scarlett2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon L'ethos royal des Windsor : Analyse rhétorique d'une sélection de discours prononcés par Elizabeth II et le Prince CharlesRivet, Laury2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Make Rhetoric Great Again: Donald Trump's communication strategies during the presidential elections of 2016Neven, Quentin2019Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Multinationals' marketing techniques aimed for children in France and in the United StatesRongvaux, Claire2019Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Roots and manifestations of misogyny and gender inequalities in Russia: what happened after the decriminalization of domestic violence?Apostu, Ecaterina2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Subtitling study on South Park episodes 01 and 02 season 23 Satire and orality in a written cartoon translationRentier, Elie2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège; Debras, Anne ULiège
Access icon The Claimant : The extraordinary story of the butcher who said he was a baronet, de Paul TerryLismonde, Juliette2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon The communicational strategies of French High Fashion Houses on Social Media and their impact on brand imageRitrovato, Léa2021Gruslin, Claire ULiège; Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon The Identification and Treatment of Gait Problems in Cerebral Palsy de James R. GageVrijens, Thomas2019Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon The oppression of Uighur people by the Chinese government and the impact of social media campaigns on multinationals such as Zara and NikeAngutayeva, Madina2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon The role of the strategic brand policy in the success of Marvel's Infinity War and EndgameHenrard, Alexandra2020Tomasovic, Dick ULiège; Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon The Thatcher Government (1979-1990): A Source of Inspiration and Contestation for Popular MusicDelaet, Loredana2019Herbillon, Marie ULiège; Levaux, Christophe ULiège
Access icon Traduction commentée d'extraits du livre Bordered lives: How Europe Fails Refugees and Migrants de Hsiao-Hung PaiValkenborgh, Cristina2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège