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Access icon American Democracy Under Threat: Misinformation and Disinformation on Social Media. A case study of Donald Trump's mis- and disinformation tweets in the context of the 2021 Capitol siegeVan Rickstal, Cécile2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon An analysis of Media Discourse: Theresa May's image during the Brexit negotiationsVanmanshoven, David2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Audience development: strategies implemented by the National Gallery of London on Instagram in the COVID-19 eraFranck, Eva-Marie2022Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Do Multinationals Adapt their Communication in regard to Culture: Comparative Analysis of the Commercial Websites of Coca-Cola and L'OréalDecourty, Aurore2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Gambling: The Influence of Advertising and Marketing on young people in BelgiumCastagna, Alexis2019Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon How video games reflect a discourse about another era? The case of Red Dead Redemption IIBagnoli, Nicolas2019Barnabé, Fanny ULiège; Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Instagram: Communication Patterns and Typology of InfluencersNoirhomme, Sophie2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Intertextuality in the Video Game Persona 5Bourdouxhe-Nélissen, Arnaud2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège; Dozo, Björn-Olav ULiège
Access icon Introducing Immigration : a Comparative Study of Metaphors in Two British Online Newspapers during the European Migrant CrisisRinaldo, Scarlett2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon L'ethos royal des Windsor : Analyse rhétorique d'une sélection de discours prononcés par Elizabeth II et le Prince CharlesRivet, Laury2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Make Rhetoric Great Again: Donald Trump's communication strategies during the presidential elections of 2016Neven, Quentin2019Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Media Representation of Female Political Candidates in the United States: The Cases of Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-CortezMoors, Margot2021Herbillon, Marie ULiège; Geuens, Geoffrey ULiège
Access icon Multinationals' marketing techniques aimed for children in France and in the United StatesRongvaux, Claire2019Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Purplewashing and its Analogues as a Strategy of Marketing Manipulation: How Brands Use Feminism for Promotional PurposesMelen-Lamalle, Perrine2023Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Recognizing the importance of the socio-cultural context: An analysis of code-switching between African American English and Standard English in the United StatesFickers, Milena2022Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Roots and manifestations of misogyny and gender inequalities in Russia: what happened after the decriminalization of domestic violence?Apostu, Ecaterina2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon Subtitling study on South Park episodes 01 and 02 season 23 Satire and orality in a written cartoon translationRentier, Elie2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège; Debras, Anne ULiège
Access icon Texas Heartbeat Act : analyse du discours de Fox News en 2021Samain, Emilie2022Geuens, Geoffrey ULiège; Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon The Claimant : The extraordinary story of the butcher who said he was a baronet, de Paul TerryLismonde, Juliette2020Herbillon, Marie ULiège
Access icon The communicational strategies of French High Fashion Houses on Social Media and their impact on brand imageRitrovato, Léa2021Gruslin, Claire ULiège; Herbillon, Marie ULiège