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Access icon Babesia diagnosis in cheetahs : preliminary analysis comparing PCR tests and microscopic observations of blood smearsCourteille, Romane2021Detilleux, Johann ULiège
Access icon Back-end digital transformation: A study to implement advanced technologies in the stock management processes of the Proximus shopsDieudonné, Joane2020Crama, Yves ULiège
Access icon Bamboo construction : Qualitative indicators for housing - Case study in Bali, IndonesiaMertens, Audrey2019Elsen, Catherine ULiège; Franssen, Jean-Marc ULiège
Access icon Banking consolidation in Europe: Current situation and impact on efficiencyCampo, Kevin2021Delfosse, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Banks corporate reputations and social media : How to appeal to Millennials ?Naji, Yasmine2019Gruslin, Claire ULiège
Access icon Barriers to involvement in collaborative consumption: a case study of WibeeKara, Layla2016Ates, Zelal ULiège
Access icon Basel III : Impacts on European banks' lending ratesZerka, Jurgen2017Heukmes, Joachim
Access icon Bayesian inference for the identification of model parameters in atmospheric entry problemsBosco, Anthony2019Arnst, Maarten ULiège
Access icon Baylisascaris procyonis, situation épidémiologique chez le raton laveur (Procyon lotor) et impact zoonotiqueDi Fresco, Dylan2022Linden, Annick ULiège
Access icon Bâle 3 et ses nouvelles exigences, une barrière à l'accès au financement des entreprises belges, en particulier, des PMEBosquet, Justine2016Sougné, Danielle ULiège
Access icon Bâtiments d'aujourd'hui, Climat de demain : Évaluation de l'impact du réchauffement climatique sur le confort thermique et l'efficacité énergétique d'un bâtiment résidentiel passif existant en BelgiqueGobin, Camille2016Attia, Shady ULiège
Access icon Beauty fitting rooms: the impact of virtual try-on consumers'attitudes and behaviour intentionsAl Morabet, Mouna2021Dessart, Laurence ULiège
Access icon Behavioural monitoring of sterilised long-tailed macaques (M. fascicularis) at Monkey Forest, Ubud (Bali) : evaluating changes in infant caring, sexual and stress-related behavioursCambier, Chloé2019Poncin, Pascal ULiège; Brotcorne, Fany ULiège
Access icon Belfius : les raisons du choix de sa stratégie numérique interne et externe.Leruth, Emelyne2022Pietquin, John ULiège
Access icon Belgian Generation z comfort feelings and credibility perception regarding virtual influencers on InstagramLouis, Marine2021Standaert, Willem ULiège
Access icon Belgian low emission zones : impacts on carriers and perspectivesEyenga, Alexandre2020Limbourg, Sabine ULiège
Access icon Benchmarking of new antioxidant booster technologies in various (polymer and lubricant) substrates.Fernandez Castro, Xavier2018Keck-Antoine, Klaus
Access icon Bending Vibration Analysis of Pipes and Shafts Arranged in Fluid Filled Tubular Spaces Using FEMEdessa, Desta Milkessa2012Kaeding, Patrick; Bronsart, Robert; Holtmann, Michael
Access icon Benefits of soil phylolith content on the resistance to a combine temperature elevation and water stress of a high silicon accumulating plant (Oryza Sativa L.) growing in silicon depleted soilBovy, Corentin2020Cornelis, Jean-Thomas ULiège; de Tombeur, Félix ULiège
Access icon Benjamin Herman et la tuerie de Liège du 29 mai 2018 - Analyse d'une couverture médiatique exemplaireStas, Marie2019Geuens, Geoffrey ULiège