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Access icon Agile transformation at John Cockerill: A lesson learned and recommendationsMonteleone, Nohemy2020Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Amélioration du processus du projet Bizz Online via la mise en place du BPM.Breulet, Youri2020Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Conception d'un outil digital pour le suivi de la comptabilitéJarek, Jihane2020Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Development of a B2B2C CRM strategy and processes for Mercury Marine EMEA to improve its knowledge of and relationship with its end-consumersLeclercq, Alix2020Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Digitalisation of the process of collecting information from external partners to patrimoine consult, allowing the company to offer new digital solutions to its own customersAndrien, Yannick2019Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Étude et réalisation d'une application de gestion des infrastructures de transport : gestion de patrimoineBelvaux, William2020Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Implementation within the transport department of an embedded it solution to improve the delivery tracking processPetitjean, Arthur2019Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Integration and implementation of monitoring tools for the warehouse management and sales module in an ERPVilenne, Bastien2020Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Mémoire-projetCollin, Arthur2022Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Mémoire-projetLegrand, Adrien2022Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Scrum in mechanical product development. Case study of a mechanical product development team using Scrum within BEA company.Gillissen, Kevin2021Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon The impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on teams working with agile methods in the IT sector.Palumbo, Giulian2021Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon The internal auditor¿s knowledge about ERM and contribution in risk management: The Case of Moroccan Organizations with an advanced ERMKarmouchi, Mohamed2022Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Towards the development of a process mining service offering for the Luxembourg marketHabsch, Dylan2020Heng, Samedi ULiège
Access icon Understanding of knowledge management in agile software development : case study of an agile team using scrumMokii, Iuliia2019Heng, Samedi ULiège