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Access icon Analysis and performances of the Unified Space Data Link Protocol and the Space Data Link Security Protocol specified by CCSDS.Van Gelder, Dirk2021Leduc, Guy ULiège; De Quattro, Nicola
Access icon Automation of an RFID tag writer for radiopharmaceutical applicationsTaquet, Mathieu2021Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Characterization of the performance of an analog Image acquisition chain using a custom-made automated test benchGrodent, Antoine2019Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Conception and Realisation of a Solar SimulatorRadelet, Florian2019Cornélusse, Bertrand ULiège
Access icon Conception of a telecommunication module for a nanosatelliteDiepart, Morgan2021Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Design and implementation of a contactless ECG acquisition systemSadighiani, Irien2019Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Design and implementation of CAN interface for serial sensors in military vehiclesBudo, Quentin2019Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Design and prototyping of an autonomous and reusable metering valve for remote filling of beveragesProbst, Jérémy2019Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Design of the driver of a bi-dimensionally oscillating mirrorGoreux, Céline2019Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Development of a laser triangulation sensor for the measurement of powder height in 3D printingGalet, Maxime2023Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège; Duysinx, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Development of a wireless charger for dronesWens, Thor2021Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège
Access icon Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) of OUFTI2Harika, Soulaimane2019Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Electronic design of smart glassesDessambre, Nicolas2021Boigelot, Bernard ULiège; Bours, Jérémie
Access icon High speed and angular position sensor for a permanent magnet synchronous motor controlHubert, Marine2021Sacré, Pierre ULiège
Access icon IBA - Automation of tests of stopping distances and accuracy of a robotic patient positioner with a laser trackerPurnode, Florent2021Geuzaine, Christophe ULiège
Access icon Implementing the beta machine on a Terasic DE10 SoC + FPGA development boardPolet, Quentin2021Fontaine, Pascal ULiège; Mathy, Laurent ULiège
Access icon Intelligent highlights generation for soccer gameMoureau, Céline2019Van Droogenbroeck, Marc ULiège
Access icon Machine learning methods to improve insulin sensitivity forecasting in glycemic controlFrambach, Julien2023Desaive, Thomas ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : DisplayPort - Auxiliary channel monitoring and main link optimization for ProAV applicationsNavez, Pierre2022Redouté, Jean-Michel ULiège
Access icon Master thesis : Analysis of the thermoelectric effect impacting the error of high-precision shunt-based current sensors for high DC currentRodriguez de la Rosa, Elisa2023Vanderbemden, Philippe ULiège