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Access icon 'Waarom bonsde mijn hart nu?': Een gotische lezing van Hella S. Haasses MaanlichtBaldewyns, Catherine2020Steyaert, Kris ULiège
Access icon Wallonia green move: school carpooling as a solution to the social, ecological and economic problems.Sabil, Manal2021Pironet, Thierry ULiège
Access icon Warehouse product flow optimization at PFSDe Jong, Marianne2018Arda, Yasemin ULiège
Access icon ‘Was zien nodig?‘: Een studie over het mysterieuze in De tienduizend dingen van Maria DermoûtHonnay, Sarah2020Steyaert, Kris ULiège
Access icon Waste Heat Recovery on a truck cooling system using a Rankine cycleLeclercq, Nicolas2019Lemort, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Water Age Computation for Distribution NetworksStoquart, Colin2021Dewals, Benjamin ULiège; Archambeau, Pierre ULiège
Access icon Water as a connecting theme for the establishment of an agricultural landscape park : the case study of the Onderzoekskouter (Flanders)Cecere, Andrea2021Garré, Sarah ULiège; Hermans, Thomas ULiège
Access icon We Talk : processus et création d'une agence de presse et communicationGiltay, Fanchon2022Vanesse, Marc ULiège
Access icon Web sémantique: Formalisation des structures du Französisch Etymologisches WörterbuchPletschette, Max2020Mazziotta, Nicolas ULiège
Access icon Weight estimation of custom motor yachts in the range between 45 and 65 meters lengthSugimoto, Ryohei2012Boote, Dario; Camporese, Emanuele
Access icon Welding technology for stainless steel AISI 316L – the problem of reducing deformations on decks in stern trawler hullTaquini Deolindo, Guanaeli2017Urbanski, Thomasz
Access icon What are the advantages and limits of sex determination in the equine species ?Khiate, Merwan2021Deleuze, Stefan ULiège
Access icon What are the advantages of pricing American options using artificial neural networks?Lesuisse, Martin2022Hambuckers, Julien ULiège
Access icon What are the barriers and incentives of the green bond market development ?Lombardo, Eva2019Crutzen, Nathalie ULiège
Access icon What are the effects of the CEO's background on the success of his/her Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and how does it compare to other known determinants of success?Robe, Xavier2022Torsin, Wouter ULiège
Access icon What are the factors that will affect AI companies' market valuation in China?Xiao, Kaihang2021Hübner, Georges ULiège
Access icon What are the key factors explaining the success or failure of mergers?Giordano, Jacopo2018Lisein, Olivier ULiège
Access icon What are the key success factors of Open Innovation approaches in large companies ?Ledent, Thibaud2017Surlemont, Bernard ULiège
Access icon What are the need for resources of electric cars production, is it sustainable and how?Benakli, Loïc2022Ernst, Damien ULiège
Access icon What are the reasons behind American reits mergers and acquisitions and what are the consequences of the announcement on the stock price of the acquiring firms ?Wintgens, Thomas2020Hübner, Georges ULiège