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Access icon Warehouse product flow optimization at PFSDe Jong, Marianne2018Arda, Yasemin ULiège
Access icon Waste Heat Recovery on a truck cooling system using a Rankine cycleLeclercq, Nicolas2019Lemort, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Weight estimation of custom motor yachts in the range between 45 and 65 meters lengthSugimoto, Ryohei2012Boote, Dario; Camporese, Emanuele
Access icon Welding technology for stainless steel AISI 316L – the problem of reducing deformations on decks in stern trawler hullTaquini Deolindo, Guanaeli2017Urbanski, Thomasz
Access icon What are the barriers and incentives of the green bond market development ?Lombardo, Eva2019Crutzen, Nathalie ULiège
Access icon What are the key factors explaining the success or failure of mergers?Giordano, Jacopo2018Lisein, Olivier ULiège
Access icon What are the key success factors of Open Innovation approaches in large companies ?Ledent, Thibaud2017Surlemont, Bernard ULiège
Access icon What are the specificities of classic cars as an asset class ?Mashshini, Pierre2018Hübner, Georges ULiège
Access icon What are the walloon consumer's main barriers and motivations with respect to the bulk buying of food products (excluding fresh fruit and vegetables) ?Louis, Carole2017Ates, Zelal ULiège
Access icon What drives the distribution of mutual funds ? An analysis based on the investment styleOhnmacht, Simon2020Hambuckers, Julien ULiège
Access icon What economic model for a sustainable and affordable domestic lighting in suburban and rural areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?Bosseloir, Bastien2018Defourny, Jacques ULiège
Access icon What Future for the Santo Tomás Wetland? An inquiry into the different viewpoints of the actors with an interest in the wetland regarding its current situation and future developmentRijnders, Evelien2017Melard, François ULiège
Access icon What is the impact of relative inequality on the size of bilateral international migration flows in north-north migration context?Ansaldi, Nicolas2018Jacqmin, Julien ULiège
Access icon What strategy should be followed by a cluster organisation for the development of Liège's biotech ecosystem ? The case of Bridge2Health.Joiret, Bertrand2018Surlemont, Bernard ULiège
Access icon When luxury meets e-commerce : online challenges of luxury brands and development of a marketing strategy to approach luxury apparel & accessories and hard luxury brandsLhoest, Eline2016Ghilissen, Michael ULiège
Access icon Which difficulties will multinational companies face regarding intre-group financing transactions at the time of the implementation of the OECD action plan against base erosion and profite shifting ?Chometon, Sandy2016Philippe, Denis-Emmanuel ULiège
Access icon Which strategies do private equity investors implement to exit their positions in venture capital deals ?Fluzin, Benjamin2018Surlemont, Bernard ULiège
Access icon Why people do not participate in the collaborative consumption? A comparative analysis of both consumers and service poviders in the case of peer-to-peer platformsKeutgens, Olivier2018Hazee, Simon ULiège
Access icon Wind forecast uncertainty and impact on the electricity network.Bourseau, Bertrand2016Ernst, Damien ULiège
Access icon Wind of change. La mise en place d'un processus de changement au sein d'une S.C.R.L. publiqueSaceanu, Teodora2016Schoenaers, Frédéric ULiège