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Access icon What are the key success factors of Open Innovation approaches in large companies ?Ledent, Thibaud2017Surlemont, Bernard ULiège
Access icon What are the walloon consumer's main barriers and motivations with respect to the bulk buying of food products (excluding fresh fruit and vegetables) ?Louis, Carole2017Ates, Zelal ULiège
Access icon What Future for the Santo Tomás Wetland? An inquiry into the different viewpoints of the actors with an interest in the wetland regarding its current situation and future developmentRijnders, Evelien2017Melard, François ULiège
Access icon When luxury meets e-commerce : online challenges of luxury brands and development of a marketing strategy to approach luxury apparel & accessories and hard luxury brandsLhoest, Eline2016Ghilissen, Michael ULiège
Access icon Which difficulties will multinational companies face regarding intre-group financing transactions at the time of the implementation of the OECD action plan against base erosion and profite shifting ?Chometon, Sandy2016Philippe, Denis-Emmanuel ULiège
Access icon Wind forecast uncertainty and impact on the electricity network.Bourseau, Bertrand2016Ernst, Damien ULiège
Access icon Wind of change. La mise en place d'un processus de changement au sein d'une S.C.R.L. publiqueSaceanu, Teodora2016Schoenaers, Frédéric ULiège
Access icon Wind pressure field reconstruction from incomplete measurementsFossion, Andy2015Denoël, Vincent ULiège
Access icon Winfit: design and implementation of a platform service allowing advertisers to reward physical effortMatthéus, Benoît2016Leduc, Guy ULiège
Access icon Within-item multidimensional scaling des données PISA afin de différencier ce qui relève d'une compétence générale et de la compétence spécifique du domaine majeur évaluéPirotte, Martin2016Monseur, Christian ULiège
Access icon Working capital management : implementation of integrated inventory management solutions for raw materialsMartin, Nicolas2016Pironet, Thierry ULiège
Access icon Xylella Fastidiosa : Application of diagnosis methods and development of biological and cultural treatmentsFaivre, Arno2017Jijakli, Haissam ULiège
Access icon Y PASSER, Y TRAVAILLER, S'Y DETENDRE LIEUX DE RENCONTRE URBAINSde Roubaix, Vincent2009Teller, Jacques ULiège